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If i was a serial killer i would be Lizzy Borden.

Lizzy Borden, not by definition a serial killer, but a notorious killer nonetheless. One day as her father was napping on the living room sofa Lizzy Borden took an axe and hit her father's head with it repeatedly some where around 40 times, completely disfiguring his face into an unrecognizable mess of blood and gore. Almost immediately after Lizzy attacked her mother in her bedroom, again hitting her head with an axe over 40 times.
Lizzie Borden took an axe,
And gave her father forty whacks.
And when she saw what she had done,
She gave her mother forty-one.

kill count: 2
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Pedro Alonso Lopez (300+) Meet the deadliest serial killer of the Archives. Pedro was known as the Monster of the Andes after the impressive numbers of hits he tallied in his three-nation killing spree. A native of Colombia, his prostitute mother kicked him out of their home at age eight for fondling his younger sister. Adding insult to injury he was then picked up by a pedophile and sodomized against his will. When he was eighteen he was gang banged in prison and retaliated by killing three of his assailants.

Upon his release he started killing young girls with glee and impunity. By 1978 he claimed to have bagged more than 100 girls in Peru. After a brush with an angry village mob he moved his activities to Colombia and Ecuador where his bloodlust averaged about three kills a week. He found killing Ecuadorian girls quite enjoyable because they were "more gentle and trusting, more innocent." Authorities attributed the rash of disappearing girls to active slavery or prostitution rings in the area.

In 1980 a flash flood uncovered the first of his victims. When he was arrested he told his interrogators the frightening tale of his reign of death. At first authorities were skeptical but all doubts disappeared when he quickly produced more than fifty graves. It is widely believed that three hundred hits is a low estimate for this most prolific serial killer.

Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole (200+) The Tag Team from Hell: the Sadist King and the Generalisimo of Pain. The numbers speak for themselves. As a kid, Henry Lee Lucas lost an eye after a severe beating from his prostitute mother. Years later, in a drunken binge, Henry stuck a knife in his mother's back and proceeded to rape her dead corpse. He got 40 years but was out after 10. Free again, Henry launched his stellar career as the nation's most notorious random killer.

In 1976 he joined up with a part-time transvestite and deeply psychotic retard, Ottis Tole, to carry out numerous homicidal escapades. Ottis had a taste for human flesh and had many of his victims for dinner. Henry, however, was not a cannibal because, he said, he disliked the taste of barbecue sauce. He was more of a sadist and a necrophile, preferring sex with mutilated bodies and live or dead animals. The consummate killer couple, they enjoyed picking up hitchhikers to satisfy their lust for blood. Sometimes, when they didn't want to go through the hassle of killing and disposing of their prey, they would just run over the occasional hitchhiker and continue on their merry way. These lethal lovebirds parted ways after Ottis' teen niece, Becky Powell, shacked up with Henry. The unfortunate lassie was later found dismembered and stuffed in pillowcases.

After his arrest, Lucas toured the country as a star killer uncovering evidence of his handiwork for local police departments. In 1985, Dallas Times-Herald journalist, Hugh Aynesworth, claimed their reign of terror was a hoax and that overzealous detectives fed the would be killers many details of their crimes. Henry and Ottis did confess to more than 500 murders. Henry even claimed to have taken the poison to Guyana as a favor for his good friend Jim Jones. One of his alleged victims, a Virginia schoolteacher, was found alive. Henry recanted on all his murders only to confess again when he became a born-again Christian. As he awaits execution in Death Row in Texas, Hank still mentions bits and pieces of evidence linking him to numerous killings in 18 states. Meanwhile in Florida Ottis' was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, death sentence was commuted to six life sentences and is said to be stockpiling barbecue sauce.

H.H. Holmes (200+) Born Herman Webster Mudgett, Dr. Holmes started his criminal career as a medical student by stealing corpses from the University of Michigan. He used them to collect insurance money from policies taken out under fictitious names.

When he moved to Chicago he started a drugstore empire from which he made a fortune. He built a hundred-room mansion complete with gas chambers, trap doors, acid vats, lime pits, fake walls and secret entrances. During the 1893 World's Fair he rented rooms to visitors. He killed most of his renters and continued his insurance fraud scheme. He also lured women to his "torture castle" with the promise of marriage. Instead, he would force them to sign over their savings. After he would throw them down an elevator shaft and gas them to death. In the basement of the castle he dismembered and skinned his prey and experimented with their corpses. When police grew suspicious about H.H's activities, he torched the castle and fled. In the burnt hulk of the building, authorities found the remains of over two hundred people. H.H. was caught and hanged on May 7, 1896, leaving behind an impressive trail of blood unequaled for almost eighty years.

Gilles de Rais (140+) This fifteenth century French war hero became one of medieval Europe's worst killers. He was an ally of Joan of Ark during the Hundred Years' War and was instrumental in driving the English out of France. In his later years, after he was named Marshal of France by King Charles VII, he settled in his estates in Brittany where he turned his heroic impulses towards serial killing. He enjoyed killing mostly young boys, who he would sodomize before and after decapitating. He sometimes masturbated over the entrails and enjoyed watching his servants butcher the boys.

Because he was a baron, no one cared about the disappearing children around his castle. A great patron of the arts, Gilles also enjoyed practicing black magic and alchemy. His reign of terror came to an end when the Duke of Brittany dug up the mutilated remains of 50 boys in his castle. He confessed to 140 killings but it is believed that the body count could have been as high as 300. On October 26, 1440, Gilles was simultaneously burned and hanged. His two servant accomplices were simply burned alive.

Pee Wee Gaskins (100+) At a carnival, young Pee Wee watched a well-fed cobra eat a rat. That's where he first felt attracted to violence. Dubbed America's meanest killer, Pee Wee was always in trouble with the law. He spent most of his youth in and out of reform school and later prison. Because his pint size Pee Wee had to be the "girlfriend" of older, more powerful prisoners. He soon put a stop to it by killing a highly regarded inmate while he was taking a shit.

Pee Wee got back to killing in 1969 when he was out of prison. He made a distinction between his "coastal kills," people he found while driving around the roadways of the American South and his "serious murders," which consisted of people he knew, like his niece and her best friend. Aside from killing, Pee Wee had a thriving business fencing stolen cars for which he kept several properties around the Carolinas. There he also slaughtered many of his prey. His other favorite hunting grounds were the coastal highways where every six weeks he went hunting to quell his feelings of "bother-someness."

In the early eighties, while in Maximum Security, Pee Wee was tagged the "Meanest Man in America" when he killed another inmate. For his little homicidal stunt, he was moved to Death Row. Pee Wee was fried on September 6, 1991. His total hits might well be over two hundred, but law enforcement found it impossible to verify all his claims. In the excellent post-mortem of his life, "FINAL TRUTH," Pee Wee waxes poetic about how he had "a special mind" that gave him "permission to kill."

Delfina & Maria de Jesus Gonzales (91+) These two deadly sisters ran the bordello from hell in Guanajuato, Mexico. They recruited their prostitutes through help wanted adds and killed them when they stopped pleasing the clientele. Sometimes they even killed the johns who showed up to the brothel with big wads of cash. After too many unexplained disappearances the cops raided the premises where they found the bodies of eleven males, eighty females, and several fetuses.

Andrei Chikatilo (52+) The Soviet Hannibal Lecter. He was executed in 1994. As a kid Andrei's brother was taken by the villagers and eaten during times of famine. Or so he was told. This sexually impotent dirty-old-man from hell killed children with impunity while he lived a quiet married life as a teacher.

Chikatilo lived in Rostov, 500 miles from Moscow, where he prayed mostly on children. He stalked many of his victims in train and bus stations and had a penchant for disembowlment and mutilation. He was also a cannibal and a sadist. His macabre twelve-year killing spree was uncovered in 1982. Previously he was taken in for questioning and let go when police found that his blood did not match the semen found in the victim. A little known fact is that the blood and semen of a person does not necessary have to match. There are rare exceptions, one of which was Chikatilo. Free again, he continued on his path of destruction. While he was on trial, his gory descriptions, psychotic behavior and litany of horrors gave the Soviet public their first taste of serial mayhem. Andrei was executed in 1994.

Anatoly Onoprienko (52) When police arrested 37-year-old former forrestry student, Anatoly Onoprienko on April 16, 1996, they finally ended the Ukraine's worst killing spree. Anatoly, a native of Zhitomir, was carrying a hunting rifle that matched the murder weapon in several of the killings and had jewelry and video equipment, which may belong to some of his victims. While in custody he immediately confessed to eight killings between 1989 to 1995. At first he denied other charges, but soon admitted to being the maniac dubbed "The Terminator" that tallied up to 52 victims in a six-year killing spree.

A manhunt was launched across Ukraine in March, 1996, after eight families were brutally murdered in their homes. Most of the victims were in remote villages in the Lvov region near the border with Poland. There were so many killings in one village that army troops were sent to patrol streets.

The killings followed a set pattern. "The Terminator" chose isolated houses, shot everyone inside including children, and torched the place. He would also kill whatever witness crossed his path during his murderous rampages. The first to die were a family of four in Bratkovichi. Another family of five and two witnesses were killed not long after in the same village. When police imposed a security cordon around Bratkovichi, "The Terminator" moved to other villages where he continued his serial slaughter Once in custody, the lethal ex-forrestry student conviniently claimed that his killing spree was commanded by "inner voices" he kept hearing.

"The Green River Killer" (48+) The most prolific unidentified killer of the Archives. The Green River Killer tallied forty-eight kills between 1982 and 1984 in the Seattle-Tacoma area. It's believed that the killer is a white, middle-aged male. During his two year rampage he enjoyed leaving his victims near the banks of the Green River outside Seattle, thus explaining his nickname. All his victims have been women. He prefers prostitutes, but will kill a runaway or a hitchhiker in a pinch. Some believe that the killer might have died, moved away, was incarcerated, institutionalized, or perhaps just retired. As of August 1988 authorities think that he might have resurfaced in San Diego where he has already bagged ten more women. A viable suspect, ex-law student William J. Stevens II, was arrested in 1989 and subsequently released, died in 1991 of Cancer. Stevens, an ex-con who used over 30 aliases had a fully equipped ambulance and a police cruiser which he could have used to commit the killings. Robert Stevens, his adopted brother, claims that many of William's alibis are fake. During many of the killings Billy would be on a trip with his family. However his brother says that he would disappear for a couple of days and rejoin them for the end of the trip and return to Seattle. Robert believes that during these disappearances his brother would return to Seattle and commit the killings.

Gerald Stano (41) Born in Daytona Beach in 1951, Gerald tallied a body count of 41 as a result of his deep resentment towards the world of "bitches". He truly enjoyed the act of killing. Unlike most others, he never raped his victims. As one of the investigating officers pointed out, "He thinks about three things: stereo systems, cars, and killing women."

Elizabeth Bathory (40+) A sixteenth century Hungarian Countess who enjoyed bathing in blood. This deviant fawn of royalty believed that regular blood baths would halt the aging process. Estimates of the number of girls that were slaughtered in her 10 years of beauty treatments vary from 40 to as much as 600.

The bloody Countess, the widow of a celebrated Hungarian war hero and descendent of the legendary despot Vlad the Impaler, led a life immersed in black magic and sadism. She once had the mouth of a servant sewn shut for being too noisy. In 1612, after countless rumors about her behavior, troops entered her Castle Csejthe and uncovered a blood-letting in progress. All the servants that participated in her orgies of horror were executed and burned. The Countess, being royalty, was put under house arrest. Three years later, on August 21, 1614, she died sealed in her bedroom. Perhaps her elixir of youth had been working all along.

Moses Sithole & David Selepe (40+) These two South African serial killers, acting separately or in tandem, are believed to be responsible for the deaths of at least 40 black women and a child. South African authorities were alarmed by the growing number of dead women appearing around Pretoria and Johannesburg over a two year span. At first it was believed that they were the product of two separate killers. Robert Ressler, the F.B.I. Behavioral Science Unit's former chief, visited South Africa in 1995 to help with the investigation. He concluded that the killings in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg, and Boksburg, a suburb of Pretoria, were linked. In his psychological profile of the killer he indicated the possibility of two killers acting together.

On October 19, 1995, after a week-long nationwide hunt, police shot and wounded Moses Sithole, an ax-wielding ex-convict with six aliases. On February 6, 1996, Sithole appeared in court and was charged with the murder and sexual assault of 31 women. In 1995 police arrested David Selepe and charged him with the murders of 11 black women who were found in a mine dump in Cleveland. Selepe was shot and killed by police when he tried to escape while visiting the crime scene. It is believed that both men acted together in at least the Cleveland killings. Their reign of terror started in 1995 and was centered around black townships near Pretoria and Johannesburg. One or both of these men is also believed to be the "Atteridgeville Strangler" who is responsible for the deaths of 15 women and a boy around Pretoria.

Zodiac Killer (37+) The elusive Zodiac is the most effective killer in California. There are numerous theories surrounding his identity, methods, and reasoning behind his Zodiacal killing spree. His numbers vary according to sources. Some attribute only six hits to this faceless maniac. Others believe the Zodiac has tallied up to forty-nine. Here at the Archives we've settled on thirty-seven after a note he sent to a San Francisco paper on January 30, 1974 in which he wrote "Me-37; SFPD-0."

The Zodiac, one of numerous killers obsessed with publicity, sent twenty-one letters to various newspapers boasting of his crimes. He obtained his astral moniker after he scribbled zodiac signs around several of his victims. His killing spree started in 1966 and faded around 1974. The rare survivors from his attacks have described him as a heavy set man with glasses and red hair. In one of his letters he explained that he killed "because it is so much fun." His master plan was to collect "slaves for the afterlife." He also threatened to "wipe out a school bus some morning." Now some believe that Zodiac moved to New York where he continues with his deadly forays.

Donald Harvey (34+) The most prolific nurse killer of the trade. Donny, when he was not offing his patients, would hang out in the morgue and study tissue samples for fun. This nurse from hell was an amateur Satanist and would joke with the hospital staff about "getting rid of patients." Little did they know, he wasn't kidding.

He murdered with abandon from the early seventies to 1987 when he was finally caught. He claimed that his killings were "mercy" killings even though he sometimes chose horrible substances to bring on death. He also did not limit his work to those hospitalized. He killed a neighbor out of spite by lacing her drink with hepatitis. He would also poison his male lover and then nurse him back to health to win back his affection. On another occasion he poisoned his lover's family, killing the mother. He was convicted of thirty-four deaths but it is believed that he actually tallied eighty-seven kills.

"Twin Cities Killer" (34) No one wants to admit it but evidence points to the existence of one or several serial killers working the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. From 1986 to 1994 there have been 34 corpses littering the streets of the Twin Cities. Most of them were prostitutes in their twenties and thirties. Several were mutilated, dismembered, and sometimes even decapitated.

Local prostitutes have suspected the existence of a serial killer preying on them for quite some time. Police have not been as ready to sound the alarm. Three scenarios have been posited to explain the growing list of dead. One: there is a number of serial killers preying on Twin Cities women. Two: there is one or more serial killers and several murderers who have killed once or twice. Three: there is a number of nonserial killers hunting Twin Cities prostitutes. Whatever the case, 34 unresolved killings is an impressive tally to go unnoticed.

John Wayne Gacy (33) Straight out of the he's-such-a-nice-guy file, Johnny liked to dress in a homemade Pogo the Clown outfit to entertain kids. This lonely and sadistic contractor also liked to entertain young boys privately in a very different fashion. The prototypical organized killer, he had all aspects of the murder worked out before each kill. Once he entered his murderous fantasy, there was no turning back.

He enjoyed handcuffing his victims, anally raping them, beating them to a pulp, offering to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, reciting verses from the Bible and strangling them to death. In 1978 he was tracked down by the police in Chicago. Thirty bodies were found buried in the crawl space underneath his house, explaining his wife's complaints about the constant stench in their home. As a prisoner, Johnny Boy started a new career as an artist, painting mostly colorful clown pictures, which have been shown in galleries nationwide. He was executed by lethal injection in 1994.

Vasili Komaroff (33) Vasili, a horse-trader during the early days of Stalin, was known as "The Wolf of Moscow" for his reign of terror. A peasant, Vasili mainly killed for money. His first victim was uncovered in 1921. Many others followed with frightful regularity. There were 21 in all: strangled, bound, doubled-over and dumped in vacant lots around the Shabolovki District. Authorities linked the killings to the horse-trading market in the area that happened every Wednesdays and Fridays. There they were alerted of the strange activities of Vasili Komaroff. Anyone who left with him to see his horses never came back. When police went to his home for questioning they found a body stuffed in a sack in the stable. "The Wolf" jumped out the window and escaped for a few days.

When he was picked up again, he confessed to the tune of 33 killings, 11 of which had not been discovered. Over the next few days he uncovered five new corpses for the authorities. The other six victims he dumped in the river and their bodies were never recovered. He also implicated his wife Sofia as an accomplice. They were both found guilty of multiple murders and sentenced to death. On June 18, 1923, they went to the "big horse-show in the sky" via firing squad.

John Gerard Schaefer (30+) This homicidal Broward County, Florida, ex-policeman, though convicted in 1973 of only two mutilation murders, is believed to be responsible for at least thirty more killings. A sadistic sex-beast by nature, Schaefer would lure young women off the roads with the help of his badge to rape, torture, mutilate and murder. He enjoyed tying his victims to trees and leaving them there while he went to work as a police officer. Teeth, jewelry and clothing from several missing girls and young women were found in a trunk in his mother's attic. He once gave his wife a suede purse that belonged to one of his victims. As he was convicted for first degree murder of two teenage girls, Schaefer's wife divorced him and became engaged to his defense attorney. Not the resentful type, Gerard retained the attorney to continue handling his appeals.

Gerard also considered himself a bit of a novelist, publishing while in prison a collection of lurid tales of sex and gore that he marketed as a mail-order book called Killer Fiction. Oddly, Sondra London, an old high school girlfriend who helped Gerard with his writings, subsequently became engaged to Danny Rolling, another sadistic killer awaiting execution for killing five students in Gainsville. On December 3, 1995, Gerard was found dead in his cell at the Florida State Prison in Starke. He had been stabbed numerous times around one eye and slashed across his throat. His sister, Sarah Schaefer, claimed that her brother was murdered because of information he had obtained on the murder of Adam Walsh, the 6-year-old Hollywood, Florida, boy who's abduction and murder led to changing the legislation on missing children. Coincidentally, Gerard had befriended serial killer and cannibal Ottis Toole who once claimed he killed young Adam but later recanted. Authorities believe Gerard's death was linked to money he collected for his activities as a jailhouse lawyer.

Patrick W. Kearney (28+) The top ranked Californian freeway killer. A fastidiously neat and organized murderer, Pat left his dismembered victims neatly wrapped in trash bags along the Californian highways. Kearney and his live-in lover, David D. Hill, both army veterans, lived in a meticulously clean bachelor pad in Redondo Beach from where they started their homicidal escapades. The "Trash Bag Murders," as they were known, started in 1975 and ended on July 5, 1977, when the couple walked into the Sheriff's Information Center in Riverside, saw a wanted poster of themselves and surrendered. Hill was subsequently released for lack of evidence. Kearney shouldered the guilt and confessed that killing "excited him and gave him a feeling of dominance."

Wayne Williams (28) Suspected of being the Atlanta Child Murderer, Wayne killed mostly young, black boys and dumped their bodies in the Chattahoochee River. He was caught when he departed from his modus operandi and smoked a couple of adults. After his arrest the killings ceased. Police say the evidence against him was flawed and believe the case should be reopened. Wiliams' lawyer claimed a Klansman named Charles Sanders confessed to helping the KKK kidnap and murder twenty-one black youths. Allegedly, this evidence was suppressed to avoid a race war.

Fritz Haarmann (27+) Born in 1879, this perverted German pederast and his lover, Hans Grans, stalked the train stations of post-WWI Hannover searching for young boys. Always the enterprising killers, they would sell the flesh and clothing of their victims for fun and profit. Their deadly trade was first discovered in 1924 when bones from twenty-seven bodies were dredged out of the Leine River. A coat from one of the missing boys was traced back to the murderous love birds. Once in custody, Fritz started confessing. Haarmann enjoyed the attention he received during the trial and boasted of having killed up to forty people. He was decapitated on April 15, 1925. His lover Grans, who was not involved in the killings, received a twelve year sentence for selling stolen merchandise.

Dean Corll (27) Born on Christmas Eve, 1939, this Texan maniac enjoyed killing young boys in the comfort of his own home. Dean, also known as "The Candyman," would invite a kid into his house to sniff glue and then, when the kid passed out, slip on the handcuffs and party in his butt before snapping his life away. Sometimes Dean enjoyed biting the kid's dick off. In August 1973, one of his teenage helpers, Elmer Wayne Henley, shot and killed the portly psychopath after saying he would help him snatch more youngsters. Police found seventeen bodies under the floor of a boat house Dean rented as well as a bag of severed genitalia.

Bruce Lee (26) Not to be confused with the martial arts legend, but instead a deformed epileptic pyromaniac who legally changed his name in honor of his Kung-Fu-kicking hero. This British arsonist once torched an old man after arguing with him over what to feed the pigeons. He killed eleven more people when he set an old age home ablaze. In 1980 British police arrested him in a public bathroom frequented by gay men looking for blow jobs. He confessed to all his crimes and is now locked up in an insane asylum practicing his Kung-Fu kicks.

Leonard Lake & Charles Ng (25+) This pair of survivalists from hell built a torture chamber and snuff film parlor in a remote Northern California ranch. Leonard was preparing for what he called "Operation Miranda" that would be enacted immediately after the WWIII radioactive dust settled. He was building a system of underground bunkers where mindless female slaves would cater to every one of his needs. (It's reassuring to know that even sadists plan to survive the apocalypse.)

In 1985, Lake swallowed a cyanide pill after he was arrested for a bungled shoplifting attempt. When police reached Lake's ranch they uncovered a "truckload of bones," a body in a sleeping bag, and videotapes and photos documenting their reign of terror. Ng, the only known serial killer with no vowels in his last name, escaped to Canada where he was later arrested for another bungled attempt at shoplifting. After fighting extradition for six years, on 1991 he was returned to California where he is charged with conspiring to sadistically killing 12 people.

Juan Corona (25) Corona, a Mexican labor contractor in Northern California, was charged with hacking twenty-five men to death. His handiwork was uncovered in 1971 in a peach orchard near his home. Most of the victims were drunken transients and migrant workers who no one missed. The killings bore signs of homosexual assaults, which lead people to believe that the killer could be Juan's openly gay brother. Corona, a burly father of four, was linked to the murders through a couple of receipts found in the clothing of two of the dead. While in prison, Juan lost an eye when he was attacked by four inmates.

Marcel Petiot (24+) While in medical school Marcel was already considered a thief. As a young doctor he was no better. It is believed that he killed three of his patients in Villanueve, France. Forced to leave the area, he moved to Paris where he continued his career as a swindler and a thief. During WW2, Doctor Petiot saw a golden opportunity to make lots of money. He bought a house in Rue Lesueur and customized it to become a sound-proof killing machine. There he killed up to 63 people, mostly Jews and others trying to escape the Nazis. The crafty Doctor told his victims that he was a member of the French Resistance and was able to arrange for their safe passage to South America for a steep fee. After receiving the money the doctor gave his victims a lethal injection saying it was a "vaccination" against foreign diseases. He would then lead them to a sound-proof room where he told them to wait for their Resistence escort. By then the poison would take over and the doctor enjoyed watching their deaths through a peep-hole.

A thorough annihilator, he would mutilate the corpses and drop them into a lime pit. Later he started incinerating his ever increasing pile of dead. In early 1944 he was arrested momentarily when he choked the neighborhood with the fetid smell of burning corpses coming from his incinerator. In the basement the policemen called to the scene found 27 mutilated bodies which, he said, were Nazis killed by the Resistance. Claiming to merely be doing his patriotic duty he convinced the cops to let him go. Free again, Marcel promptly disappeared.

After the war Parisians still remembered the stacks of bodies found in the Doctor's home. A newspaper accused Petiot of being a Nazi sympathizer and that the dead were patriots killed for the Gestapo. Wanting to clear his name the doctor sent a letter to the papers claiming that the Nazis had set him up and planted the bodies in his basement.

He was arrested again in October 1944 and charged with 24 murders. During his trial he claimed to have killed up to 63 enemies of France. No one believed his ties to the Resistance. Instead, he was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death. The deadly doctor was guillotined on May 26,1946. It is widely believed that Marcel killed many more and dumped corpses into the Seine. Authorities believe that Petiot was also responsible for several dismembered bodies found in Bois de Boulogne near Paris in 1942.

Helene Jegado (23+) Born in Brittany, France, in 1803, Helene once complained, "Wherever I go, people died." Sure they did. Because she enjoyed poisoning them. As a teenager, as she started her career as a domestic, she also started experimenting with poison. Eventually she wiped out the family of seven for whom she was working. Most of her subsequent employers suffered the same fate. Curiously, no one suspected her of any wrongdoing because of her pious demeanor.

In 1831, after killing one too many familioes and fearing arrest, she joined a nunnery and took her vows. There she was suspected of offing several sisters before renouncing God and returning to her job as a domestic. As before, people started dying in her wake. Strangely she kept getting hired for new jobs.

She laid off the arsenic between 1841 to 1849 but then started dipping into it again. After two deaths in the household where she was working police started suspecting her after her overtly defensive manner during a routine questioning. Furthermore, traces of arsenic were found in the bodies of the most recent victims as well as many of her former employers. However, Helene never admitted her guilt, In 1851 she was guillotined just the same for her wave of terror.

Ted Bundy (22+) The Picasso of the serial killing community. Ted was handsome, charming, intelligent, self-assured, with a brilliant future, and deadlier than a rattlesnake. Using his good looks, he was able to invisibly abduct his victims to kill privately and continue with his seemingly charmed existence. This law student and Young Republican liked to wear an arm sling to appear vulnerable so to get women to help him with his groceries. He favored killing pretty, dark-haired cheerleader types. He would bludgeon his prey to death with blunt objects and was fond of raping and biting them. The bite marks on one of his victims was used as evidence against him at his trial in Florida.

In December 30, 1977, after a previous failed attempt, Ted escaped prison in Colorado and relocated in Tallahassee, Florida, near Florida State University. There he perpetrated his blood-soaked "Guernica" of crime. In January 15, 1978, he set forth on a night of butchery and killed two girls and wounded two others in an around the Chi Omega sorority house in Tallahassee. Two weeks later he stole a van and killed 12-year-old Kimberly Leach in Lake City, Florida, for which, eventually, he was fried. Poor Kimberly's body was found in a pig trough next to a plaid jacket that was not Ted's. She was buried in a cemetery near a Purina plant under a heart-shaped tombstone with her picture on it.

Ted defended himself in trials in Utah, Colorado and Florida as the police tried to put together a trail of dead girls leading to him. During his various trials, a very self-possessed Ted Bundy defended himself garnishing praise and a legion of female admirers. After numerous appeals Bundy was electrocuted by the state of Florida in 1989. For his last meal he had steak, eggs, hash browns and coffee.

Arnfinn Nesset (22+) The deadliest Norwegian of the Archives. A balding, mild mannered nursing home administrator, Arnfinn is believed to have slaughtered up to 138 patients over a 20-year nursing career. In 1977 Arnfinn became the director of the Orkdal Valley Nursing Home. As he took his post, an unusual number of patients started dying. No one suspected anything until 1981 when an employee noticed the purchase of a large amount of curacit, a derivative of the poisonous curare used as a muscle relaxant.

Police brought Arnfinn, the man in charge of purchasing the curacit, in for questioning. First he claimed he bought the drug to kill a pack of wild dogs around the nursing home. Then, inexplicably, he started confessing to killing 27 patients. At one point he exclaimed "I've killed so many I'm unable to remember them all." In 1983 the lethal administrator was convicted of 22 murders. He was handed a 21-year sentence, the maximum allowed by Norwegian law, which would put him back on the streets by 2004.

Earl Nelson (22+) This Bible quoting drifter killed mostly the landladies of the boarding houses where he stayed. After killing them he stuffed their bodies under his bed before going to sleep. He is known to have committed twenty-two murders and was suspected of at least three more. He was captured and hanged in Canada in 1928.

Norman Afzal Simons (22) Norm is believed to be South Africa's "Station Strangler." He is presently serving a 25-year sentence for the 1994 murder of 10-year-old Elroy van Rooyen. Since 1986 South African authorities have been stumped by the growing body count of young boys of mixed race appearing dead around Cape Town. At one point they asked for help from the Interpol and the FBI. Robert Ressler, the retired FBI expert who coined the term serial killer was called in to develop a psychological profile of the killer. With Ressler's profile in hand authorities believe they have nabbed their killer. Police think Simons is the "Station Strangler," South Africa's most notorious serial killer, who may have killed 21 boys and a young man, all of mixed-race, during an eight-year murder spree.

The "Station Strangler" is believed to have lured his victims away from train stations. Most were found in shallow graves around Cape Town after being sodomized and strangled. One body was found with a note that read: "One more, many more in store." Elroy, his final victim, was last seen boarding a train with Simons at Cape Town's Strand train station. His body was found 10 days later with his hands tied behind his back. According to police, Simons claimed his brother, who was murdered in 1991, was living inside him. He also he heard voices ordering him to kill. Apparently the voices started after his brother sodomized him.

Coral Eugene Watts (22) Coral Eugene might have had an IQ of seventy-five, but he sure knew how to use a knife. Another one from the I-hate-vaginas school of thought. He enjoyed killing women on Sunday morning before going to church. Once he told a psychiatrist that women were evil and should be exterminated. It seems he practiced what he preached.

Carl Panzram (21) Not from the Mr. Nice Guy file. The most unrepentant killer of them all. Carl started his criminal career by getting arrested at age eight for drunk and disorderly behavior. It was downhill ever since. His killing spree spanned two continents. While in Africa he hired eight blacks to help him hunt crocodiles. Instead, he killed his hired hands, sodomized their corpses and fed them to the hungry reptiles. He boasted of committing thousands of robberies, larcenies, arsons and having sodomized a thousand men. He was hanged in 1930 for killing the laundry foreman in prison. Even when he was at the scaffold he meanly snapped at the executioner, "Hurry it up, you bastard. I could hang a dozen men while you're fooling around."

Martha Beck & Raymond Fernandez (12+) Known in the late 40s as the "Lonely-Hearts Killers" for their lethal swindling of lovelorn widows answering personal adds. Raymond, although Hawaiian, billed himself as a sexy Latin Lover. Martha, tipping the scale at a whooping 280 pounds, was no buttercup of love. Strangely, when they met, it was love at first sight. Maybe it was because their bouts of kinky sex and their mutual love for swindling. Together, with Martha posing as Ray's sister, they bilked elderly spinsters and widows of their savings before murdering them if they offered resistance.

When they were arrested Martha and Ray confessed to 12 killings, though it's believed the actual number is closer to 20. At their trial they kept cooing, holding hands and seemed not to be able to get enough of each other. Their plead of not guilty by reason of insanity was ignored and on August 22, 1949 the deadly lovers were sentenced to death. After numerous appeals, on March 8, 1951 they were executed side by side in Sing Sing prison.

Bella Kiss (24) A Hungarian serial killer, Bella's exploits were immortalized in a play by the surrealist poet Antonin Artaud called 23. In 1912, after Bella moved to village of Czinkota, his wife started having an affair. Soon the lovers disappeared and Bella told neighbors that they had eloped. The deadly cuckold then started collecting 55-gallon metal drums. He told the village constable that they were filled with gasoline as a precaution for the coming war.

In 1914 Bella was drafted into the military and sent to the battlefield. By 1916 news had returned to the village that Bella died in combat. When soldiers passed through Czinkota looking for fuel, the constable remembered the drums of gasoline in the Kiss household. When the soldiers opened the drums they were startled by the discovery of 24 corpses preserved in alcohol. Apparently Bella, calling himself Hoffman, placed personal adds in newspapers describing himself as a "lonely widower seeking female companionship." Those who answered were promptly garroted and stuffed into 55-gallon drums. Not suprisingly, two of the corpses found were those of his wife and her lover.

After the gruesome discovery, authorities traveled to the hospital were Bella died. There they were told that the Bella that died there was a young man. Apparently Bella had switched identities with one of the dying on the battlefield and was able to escape. There have been subsequent sightings of him in Budapest and persistent rumors have placed him in New York working as a janitor. But in Hungary he is remembered as the one who got away.

Lucian Staniak (20) The most prolific serial killer of Poland, Lucian started his reign of terror in 1964. A colorful killer, he left poetic notes commenting on his behavior. He killed his first known victim during a national holiday and left a note declaring: "I picked a juicy flower in Olsztyn and I shall do it again somewhere else, for there is no holiday without a funeral." Over the next three years, this sexual deviant killed and mutilated at least twenty women. His reign of terror was finally uncovered when he slaughtered a fellow member of his Art Lovers Club. His paintings, done mainly in crimson and focusing on scenes of mutilation, made the police a tad suspicious. Tracing his itinerary for the past two years police noticed that it matched perfectly with the string of slayings. After confessing Lucian was sent to an insane asylum in Katowice where he still does a lot of painting.

Antone Costa (20) This modern day Marquis de Sade and wannabe flower child left a trail of blood spanning from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to California. All his victims were women who he befriended to get high. Then he killed them and enjoyed having sex with their mutilated corpses. A police psychiatrist diagnosed him as being schizophrenic. He was found hanged in his prison cell on May 12, 1974.

Larry Eyler (19) A homosexual killer struggling with life in the closet. Larry took satisfaction wherever he could and then disposed of the evidence. At one point, as the police investigated him, he sued them for half a million dollars for "psychological warfare". At his first trial the evidence against him was found inadmissible in court and Eyler walked out on bail to carry on with his deadly forays. Eventually, his arrogance led to his undoing when he dumped the dismembered body of a male hustler in his garbage. His handiwork got him the death penalty.

Paul John Knowles (18+) In 1974, after being released from jail, Knowles was rejected by a woman he met through an astrology magazine. That sent him on a one-night, three-body killing spree. He soon left town , leaving a trail of corpses on his wake. He would choose his victims randomly, entering their homes at gun point. He strangled his prey and stole their credit cards. Sometimes he would rape his prey, but usually his sword would go blunt before completing the deed. Using a stolen cassette recorder, he left a taped confession of fourteen murders with his lawyer and disappeared. He continued on with his deadly ways and eventually was hunted down by an FBI agent who shot him dead in Georgia.

Mhlengwa Zikode (18) Knowns as the "Donnybrook Serial Killer", Zikode murdered 18 people, attempted to murder another 11 over a period of two years in the rural Natal midlands town of Donnybrook in South Africa. All his victims were between 20 and 30. His modus operandi was to kick open the door of his victims' house, shoot the men in the head and drag the women to nearby plantations, where he would rape them repeatedly - sometimes for as long as five hours - and shoot them. If they resisted he would shoot them first and commit necrophilia. Sometimes he would attack women from behind in footpaths in the area. Mhlengwa, 21 was arrested on September 29, 1995 and is presently awaiting trial.

Joel Rifkin (17+) Joel Rifkin of East Meadow, New York, killed at least seventeen women, mostly prostitutes in the NY area. He was caught while driving a pickup with no license plates and a three-day old corpse sitting next to him.

Robert Hansen (17) A model father and a hard-working baker, Bob turned out to be the most active serial killer in Alaskan history. From 1973 to 1983, this expert pilot and avid hunter would fly hookers and topless dancers to his remote cabin hideaway in the Alaskan wilderness for rape and murder. After sexually abusing his hapless victims for a couple of days he would set them free in the freezing woods and hunt them down with his high-powered hunting rifle.

Bobby had a long police record starting in Iowa as a teen arsonist. While living in Alaska he had several run-ins with the law involving larceny, assault with a deadly weapon, rape and kidnapping. However, he managed to get away with serving hardly any time for his crimes and lived a normal life as a married man and a hard working and respected member of the community. Authorities first suspected Bob of being a serial killer when a lucky prostitute dashed naked from his plane to escape certain death. While investigating the incident they discovered several other "women of the night" who had simmilar experiences with him. Soon Anchorage police started piecing together a picture of their prominent baker as a manic-depressive arsonist, kleptomaniac, rapist and possible serial killer.

When authorities first searched his home they found 30 hidden weapons as well as mementos and maps marking the location of the graves of his victims. Eventually Bob confessed to 17 killings which he referred to as his "summertime project." Profoundly moral, Bob hoped to forcefully teach his victim a lesson for their whoring and stripping ways. Under heavy guard Hansen was flown by helicopter to the Knik River in the Alaskan wilderness where he pinpointed with great accuracy the location of several graves. In 1984 Bob was handed a sentence of 461 years plus life which he is now serving in the Lewisburg Federal Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania. There he hopes to "become a writer." Eventually, he says, "I'll write my own story." Two publishing houses have already offered him a contract.

Jeffrey Dahmer (17) The founding father of Cannibals Anonymous. As a kid, Jeff liked to torture and kill little animals. As an adult he did the same with humans. This Milwaukee chocolate factory worker lured gay, black men to his apartment for sex and drugs and instead killed them and had them for dinner.

Once his victims were dead, Jeff came to life. He enjoyed sex with corpses and was conscientious enough to always wear a condom. Sex with live beings was not as good, he said, because they could get up and leave at any minute. He also enjoyed mutilation and experimented with different ways of disposing of his victims. He once tried to turn one of his victims into a zombie by performing a homemade lobotomy on the man by drilling into his brain and pouring acid into the holes.

When captured, police found three dissolving bodies in 55-gallon acid vats in his bedroom. They also found four severed heads, seven skulls, skeletons in his closet and a penis in a lobster pot. Curiously, he had no food in the fridge, only condiments. In the freezer he had a heart stashed "to eat later." Although he enjoyed munching his loved ones, at the time of his arrest he was rail thin. In jail authorities managed to fatten him up. Jeff met his end when he was viciously attacked by Christopher Scarver, a convicted killer on antispychotic medication, while mopping the bathroom floor in maximum security. The lethargic cannibal died with a mop handle sticking out of his eye socket. At his mother's request, his brain was preserved in formaldehyde for future study.

A year after his death his parents battled over the killer's preserved brain. On December 12, 1995, the absurdist saga over his preserved brain finally came to an end when a judge ruled in favor of his father who wanted to honor his son's request of being cremated. The latest chapter of the Dahmer postmortem involved his personal belongings. A lawyer representing the families of some of his victims planned to auction Dahmer's possesions to raise money for his clients. The city of Milwaukee was outraged by the idea. As of May 29, 1996, Thomas Jacobson, the lawyer representing eight of the 11 families announced that Jeff's estate would be going to the incinerator instead of the auction block after a civic group, fearing bad publicity for their fair city, pledged to pay $407,225 for the famed cannibal's household items.

Richard Ramirez (16+) A Los Angeles transient known as the Night Stalker, Rich was captured in Boyle Heights, a Latino neighborhood, by an angry mob after he attempted a carjacking. His good looks made him a crowd favorite. His Metalhead-gone-Satanist image made him a cult figure. Like Manson, he is an unrepentant photo-opportunity-type killer with a bevy of female followers.

He enjoyed breaking into houses and calmly killing, raping and partying all night long. He would smoke big, fat joints of sinsemilla as he strolled around his victim's homes playing his AC/DC tapes, spraying satanic slogans on the wall and raiding the fridge. Once he took out the eyes of a woman with a spoon and mailed them back to the crime scene the next day. While in jail he fixed his teeth and tattooed a pentagram on the palm of his hand to flash during court appearances. After getting the death penalty, as he was lead out of court, he exclaimed "See you in Disneyland!"

Randy Kraft (16+) Another in the tradition of California freeway killer. Randy, a graduate of the prestigious Claremont Men's College, liked to pick up young men, especially marines, drug them and strangle them. On May 14, 1983, a highway patrolman stopped Kraft for suspected drunk driving and noticed the dead marine sitting next to him. Randy was a "score-card killer," that is, he kept a coded notebook with a tally of all his kills. Police linked him to sixty-two deaths spanning three states, but only sixteen have been proven conclusively.

"El Depredador Psicópata" (16) Since August, 1995, police are baffled by the growing number of girls and young women appearing dead in the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Most victims are dark haired and between 14 and 18. The preferred method of killing is strangulation. Ocassionally the victims are raped, sometimes they are raped postmortem. All indications point to a violent sexual predator on the loose.

The initial victims of the crime spree were attributed to an Egyptian national, Abel Latif Sharif who, in custody, confessed to five of the killings. Since his arrest the slaughter seems to have picked up pace bringing the total to 16. At first police suspected a rash of copycat killings. Some believe that the Egyptian was part of a group of sexual psychopaths stalking the city. Sharif claims that many of the killings were perpetrated by a deadly gang of "coyotes" operating near the U.S./Mexican border.

Dennis Nilsen (16) The British Jeffrey Dahmer. This alcoholic homosexual could not come to grips with life in the closet and resorted to murder and necrophilia. He would lure young men to his apartment, render them unconscious with liquor and strangle them to death. He liked to stash their bodies under the floor boards. Occasionally he would take one out, bathe and dress it, and pretend to have a date. He would lay the corpse next to him in bed and masturbate. Then, return it to the floor boards. Like Dahmer, he killed out of loneliness. He enjoyed small talk with his friends the cadavers. He kept an assortment of body parts around the house as company. In 1983 he was discovered when he tried to flush human remains down the toilet, clogged the plumbing and complained about the blocked drains.

Elias Xitavhudzi (16) The second in a long tradition of serial slayers in the township of Atteridgeville, South Africa. In the 1960s Elias Xitavhudzi, known as "Pangaman", murdered 16 white women and dumped their bodies around Atteridgeville.

William Burke & William Hare (16)

Albert Fish (15) Meet the patron saint of sadomasochism. Albert Fish, the granddaddy of the deranged, enjoyed implanting needles in his genitalia, stuffing his asshole with flaming alcohol balls, eating shit, killing children and making stews with their remains. The father of six, Albert lost it after his wife left him for another man. Despondent Al asked his kids to beat him with a nail-studded paddle until he bled. He thought that he was Christ and that God had ordered him to castrate boys. And Albert did what as he was told, and enjoyed it. This dirty old man from hell was in the habit of molesting and killing children of both sexes.

He was arrested after sending a letter to the parents of one of his victims, Gracie Budd, describing what a delight it had been eating her. He was sentenced to die in Sing Sing in 1936. He said, "What a thrill that will be if I have to die in the electric chair. It will be the supreme thrill, the only one I haven't tried." He happily helped his executioners with the electrodes and died a happy man. It is untrue the myth that the chair short-circuited at first because of the twenty needles implanted in his genitalia.

Joseph P. Franklin (15) A former Klansman and neo-Nazi, Franklin was the embodiment of absolute bigotry. He believed that interracial marriages where a sin against God and took upon himself to punish the guilty. He enjoyed sniper attacks and killed for sport. Once he killed two black men and a white woman for jogging together. He is also suspected of having shot and crippled Larry Flynt, the publisher of Husler magazine, because he regularly featured pictorials of interracial couples getting it on.

Elifasi Msomi (15) Known as South Africa's "Axe Killer", Elifasi Msomi, was hanged in Pretoria in January 1956 after being convicted of hacking to death 15 people. Msomi blamed his victims' deaths on the "tokoloshe" which, he said, would appear on his shoulder and order him to kill. He killed mostly in the Unkomaas and Umzimkuku valleys in Natal. Posing as a doctor, Elifasi charmed his victims into willingly going off with him. At his trial, two leading psychologists told the court that Msomi was of way above average intelligence and derived sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

William Bonin (14+) This Downey, California, truck driver became known as the "The Freeway Killer" for his rape and murder spree during the late seventies. A sadistic, Vietnam vet, Billy boy liked to pick up male, teenage hitchhikers to rape and strangle along the freeways of Southern California. Like most serial killers, Bonin was the product of an abusive childhood in the hands of his alcoholic father and was thought to have been repeatedly sexually assaulted by his maternal grandfather. He also had brain damage in areas thought to restrain violent impulses and was manic-depressive.

After spending most of the seventies behind bars for sex attacks on young men, Willie was paroled in 1978. He moved back to Southern California where he got a job as a trucker for Dependable Driveaway in Montebello. A year later, his sexual lust turned deadly. Although he used various methods to kill, he enjoyed most strangling his prey with their own T-shirts and a tire iron. William, not being particularly bright, boasted of his killings and kept his collection of newspaper clippings in his glove compartment. Billy boy liked killing so much, he brought along his buddies to share the fun. Vernon Butts, an accomplice in at least five killings, chose to hang himself after being arrested.

Although only convicted of 14 murders, Billy confessed to killing 21 young men. 1982 he was sentenced to death for 10 murders in Los Angeles. A year later he was sentenced to death again for 4 additional murders in Orange County. On February 23, 1996, sixteen years after his deadly rampage, William became the first man executed by lethal injection in California. While awaiting death in San Quentin, Bonin enjoyed playing bridge with fellow serial killers, Doug Clark, Lawrence Bittaker and Randy Kraft who combined have killed at least 49 people. Billy's last meal consisted of two pepperoni and sausage pizzas, three coffee ice-creams and fifteen cans of coke. The 49-year-old killer ate in silence while watching "Jeopardy" on TV before meeting with the prison chaplain. At 12:00 AM he took 13 steps into the death chamber where at 12:08 he was injected with sodium pentothal, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride. By 12:13 he was declared dead. Sadly for the victims' families, Bonin never did repent for his murderous frenzy.

Posthumously, it was discovered that Billy had received illegally nearly $80,000 in Social Security disability benefits while in Death Row. He started receiving benefit payments for a mental disability in 1972. The payments should have ended in 1982 when he went to prison, but they continued. The money kept flowing until after his execution when the funeral director sent paperwork notifying the Social Security Administration of Bonin's death. As of March 1996, his family agreed to repay the money to the state.

"The Monster of Florence" (14+) This Eurotrash psychopath has tallied 14 grisly sexual murders between 1974 and 1985. All killings happened in the outskirts of Florence All but two of the victims were courting couples. Four were foreigners. Most female victims were also sexually mutilated. Once the killer mockingly sent police a portion of the female genitalia from one of his mutilated victims. This pattern of murder mutilations was repeated with frightening regularity to the tune of 14 dead baffling Italian authorities over an eleven year period.

Police have questioned more than 100,000 people and charged seven men with being the elusive killer. The latest accused, Pietro Pacciani, a 71-year-old farm hand, was arrested on January 17, 1993, and was convicted of the seven grisly double murders in November of1994. Pacciani, who has always maintained that he was "as innocent as Christ on the cross," was set free on February 13, 1996, when an appeals court overturned his conviction. The 71-year-old grandfather was cleared "of all crimes of which he was convicted in the first instance on the grounds that he did not commit them." -- a ruling which came one week after a public prosecutor testified that the evidence against the old grandfather was unsound. Curiously, the decision to clear Pacciani came hours after the arrest an alleged accomplice in one of the double murders. Mario Vanni, a friend of Pietro and former postman (showing that lethal postal workers are not singularly American), was arrested in connection to the murders of a French couple in 1985 that were camping in the woods outside the Tuscan capital.

Donald Leroy Evans (14+) Don, an army veteran, drug addict and drifter from Watervliet, Michigan, is another serial killer with a hefty ego and a taste for blood. A convicted rapist, he was arrested in Louisiana in 1991 where he confessed to the kidnapping and murder of a ten-year-old girl in Gulfport, Mississippi. But that wasn't all he wanted to confess. Donny kept on confessing and confessing to the tune of more than eighty kills. What he revealed to authorities was a ten-year killing rampage spanning ten states. Now there is a nationwide probe to determine the validity of Donny's claims. No bodies have been found. He was found guilty of the Gulfport killing and is about to be found guilty of killing a prostitute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

There are twelve other cases in which he is strongly suspected but for which he might never be tried. His other confessed killings remain unproved and, for the most part, have not been investigated. Evans became a local talk-radio phenomenon in Florida when he became a white supremacist, shaved his head, began calling himself "Hi Hitler." He spent two weeks on a talk show extolling the pleasures of murdering the black hooker.

Belle Gunness (14+)A deadly gold digger, Belle lured wealthy Chicago men to her house with classified adds. There she would rob and kill them with the help of Ray Lamphere. The original Lady Bluebeard, Belle's criminal career started with the accidental deaths of her first two husbands and two of her children. Coincidentally, with each death she collected insurance money which kept her afloat until her next rash of bad luck.

Once she settled in La Porte, Indiana, she started with her deadly "lonely-hearts" venture. On April 28, 1908, her house was leveled by fire. Ray, her farm hand and presumed lover, was arrested and accused of arson and the murder of Belle and her children. Ray said that the female body found in the embers was not Belle. The body was missing a skull but next to it they found Belle's dentures. Apparently she had faked her own death and escaped with a bag full of money. As investigators started digging up the ranch they found plenty of human bones and dismembered bodies wrapped in gunny sacks and doused with lye. Many of Belle's suitors had been fed to the pigs accounting for the numerous bone fragments found in and around the pig pen. Estimates of her murderous habits put her at fifty to a hundred hits. We've chosen to count only her proven kills. After disappearing, Belle was spotted many times throughout the country. Authorities believe that she was last seen in a bordello in Ohio in 1935.

Joe Ball (14+) In the 1930s, Joe ran a roadside Texan honky-tonk called The Sociable Inn. The central attraction was a pit of frenzied alligators who were fed domestic animals to everyone's delight. In the oft hours Joe also fed about a dozen waitresses and two ex-wives to the hungry reptiles. By 1937 authorities were suspicious of the many disappearances linked to Joe's honky-tonk. On September 24, 1938, when police came to investigate the gator pit's meat barrel, Joe put a bullet through his brain. Later a handyman and a neighbor said they saw Joe feeding female body parts to the gators but they remained quiet because Joe threatened to kill them.

Robert Joseph Silveria (14+) Suspected of being the "Boxcar Murderer", Bob was part of the Freight Train Riders of America, a boxcar gang that preys upon fellow rail-riding hobos. Arrested in March, 1995, in a rail yard near Sacramento, California, he was charged with the murder of transient William Pettit, found dead in a boxcar in Northern California. Silveria has also been linked to 13 other boxcar murders in Oregon, Utah, California, Arizona, Kansas and Washington state spanning from 1981 to 1995. The victims, mostly drifters, were stabbed or bludgeoned to death and robbed of their meager possessions. While in custody Bobbie claimed all his kills were gang related hits. Having betrayed his secret boxcar brotherhood by talking of the murders, Silveria believes they will have him executed.

Marcelo Costa de Andrade (14) This mama's boy and religious psychopath of inoffensive appearance is Brazil's most famous serial killer. The son of poor migrants from the Northeast, Marcelo grew up in the Rocinha Slum in Rio de Janeiro. He lived without running water and was beaten with regularity by his grandfather, his stepfather and his stepmother. When he was 10 he was sexually abused. At 14 he began to prostitute himself for a living. He was sent to a reform school, but escaped. Still hustling by 16, he began a long lasting homosexual relationship with an older man. At 17 he tried to rape his 10-year-old brother.

When he was 23 his homosexual relationship ended and he came back to live with his mother and brothers who had moved to Itaborai, another slum on the other side of the polluted Guanabara Bay. There he found a a low-paying job distributing flyers for a shop in the district of Copacabana. He also joined the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and started going to church four times a week. Despite some idiosyncrasies and his odd and incoherent laughter, his life seemed normal. That is, until April 1991, at age 24, when he started to kill.

Over a nine-month period Marcelo tallied 14 dead. His victims of choice were poor street urchins whom he attracted to deserted areas, raped and strangled. He also practiced necrophilia, decapitated one of the boys, crushed the head of another, and, in two occasions, drank their blood. Later he confessed his vampiric thirst was merely "to become as beautiful as them." Violence in Rio is common and the daily body count is so high that authorities never suspected the growing number of disappearing street urchins to be the handywork of a serial killer. Usually they are the victims of choice for warped vigilante groups trying to clean up the streets. Quite the humanitarian Andrade later confessed, "I preferred young boys because they are better looking and have soft skin. And the priest said that children automatically go to heaven if they die before they're thirteen. So I know I did them a favor by sending them to heaven."

In December of 1991 his killing spree came to an end when he "fell in love" with ten-year-old Altair de Abreu and spared his life. Marcello met the young beggar and his six-year-old brother Ivan in the Niteroi bus terminal. He offered them money to help him light candles for a saint in Saint George's church. The lucky survivor later told police, "We were heading for a church, but as we crossed a vacant lot, Marcelo suddenly turned on Ivan and started strangling him. I was so paralyzed by fear I could not run away. I watched in horror, tears streaming down my cheeks, as he killed and then raped my brother. When he was finished with Ivan, he turned to me, hugged me, and said he loved me." Then he asked Altair to live with him. Scared to death, the boy agreed to spend the night with Marcelo in the bushes.

The next morning, the lovestruck killer took Altair to work with him. When they arrived the office was closed. The terrified youngster was able to escape. He hitchhiked his way back home and told his mother that he had got lost of his brother. A few days later, pressed by his sister, the boy told the truth. In the meantime Marcelo, A truly considerate killer, had returned to the crime scene to tuck the hands of his victim inside his shorts, "so that the rats couldn't gnaw the fingers."

When young Ivan's family went to the police, Marcelo, who had maintained his daily routine, was calmly arrested in the Rio shop where he worked. "I thought you would come yesterday," he told the arresting officers. At first, police thought Ivan's murder was an isolated case. However, two months later Marcelo's dotting mother was called to testify about her son's strange behavior. One night, she said, he left home with a machete "to cut bananas." Apparently he returned the next morning with no bananas. Eventually Marcelo did confess to 14 killings and led police to the remains of his other victims. As Brazil's star killer, he asked police if anywhere in the world there was a case like his, and stated he killed because: "I liked the boys and I didn't want them to go to hell."

Joachim Kroll (14)

Randall Woodfield (13+) Randy was a typical all-American boy with a slight problem... he enjoyed exposing himself. At first everyone ignored it because he was the star of his high school football team. In 1973 he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers. After a few "incidents," the Packers sent him back to Oregon. By the late seventies Randy became known as the "I-5 bandit" for blazing down his favorite highway hell-bent on crime. During the holdups, he would force cashiers to expose their breasts or perform fellatio on him. The restless type, he also started a side business as a serial killer. Randy was questioned by the police after his first kill was discovered. He was released because his semen did not match the type discovered in the corpse. Upon release he continued killing in his truly disorganized fashion. On March 1981 the police took him in again and unraveled his trail of blood.

William Lester Suff (13+) William Suff is California's latest serial killer. In 1974 Will and his then wife were convicted of beating their two-month-old daughter to death. Although he was sentenced to seventy years in the Big House he was out on parole by 1984. Too bad for the twelve or more prostitutes he subsequently raped, stabbed, strangled and sometimes mutilated in Riverside County. His alleged killing spree started in 1986. On January 9, 1993, he was arrested after a routine traffic stop.

A Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde type, Suff worked as a government stock clerk who helped deliver the furniture for the task force investigating his killing spree. He liked to impersonate police officers and cooked a mean chili at office picnics. He was also writing a book about dogs that went berserk and started killing people. Furthermore, he enjoyed vanity plates and was an avid volunteer in the county's car-pooling program. All of this perhaps explaining his psychotic behavior. On July 19, 1995, Willie was found guilty of killing 12 prostitutes although police think that he might be responsible for up to 22 deaths. On November 1995, he was condemned to death and will probably car-pool to his execution.

Peter Sutcliffe (13+) Between 1975 and 1984 Petie was known as the "Yorkshire Ripper" as he terrorized hookers around Northern England with his hammer and other instruments of torture. A former mortuary worker, Pete spoke with God frequently who ordered him to go out and hunt prostitutes. A true Christian, Pete did as the Lord said. Luckily, he also enjoyed the job and would cum as he hammered and stabbed his victims to death. Police were frustrated with numerous false confessions they received during their search for him. On January 2, 1981, he was finally caught sitting in a car with a prostitute. While in custody he confessed everything. Pete is also suspected of having killed and maimed several other women in France and Sweden during his travels abroad.

Johannes Mashiane (13) Known as "The Beast of Atteridgeville", this South African, slayer sodomised and killed 12 boys by either strangling or stoning them. In October 1989 the lethal sodomite died when he jumped under a bus in Marabastad while being chased by police. An intended 13th victim, who Mashiane had left for dead, survived to tell the tale. Mashiane committed this spate of serial slaughter after serving a five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend.

Arthur Shawcross (13) This unrepentant cannibal munched on two Vietnamese girls during his tour of duty in 'Nam. Art believed that the spirit of one thirteenth-century cannibal, "Ariemes," possessed his body and taught him the finer points of eating human flesh. In 1988 he was released from prison after serving fifteen years for strangulating two children. Right about then Ariemes came back and helped Art with a twenty-month murder spree in which he bagged and chewed on eleven women. Once in custody Art detailed his cannibalistic deeds explaining that he was possessed by his shrewish mother's spirit (as well as Ariemes). Mom, it seems, enjoyed ramming broomsticks up his ass when he was young. Curiously, in 1990, Art received ten write-in votes during New York's gubernatorial race.

Herbert Mullin (13) This acid-dropping, pot-smoking flower child was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by his high school class. After a stint in a mental institution he started hearing voices that told him to do strange things, like burn his dick with a cigarette. Then the voices started coming from strangers asking him to put them out of their misery. Good Herb was happy to comply. After thirteen acts of mercy police arrested him. Herb believed that the deaths during the Vietnam war worked as sacrifices that kept California from sliding into the ocean during a cataclysmic earthquake. With the end of the war, Herb was telepathically told by his father to continue with the human sacrifice so to save California from the big one. And, of course, Herb did as he was told.

Albert DeSalvo (13) In the mid sixties Al was known as the Boston Strangler. His great hands, voracious sex drive and violent nature led him to talk his way into women's houses where he raped and strangled them. As a child he boasted of being able to cum five or six times a day. As an adult his frigid wife was no match for his eternal horniness. What characterized his killing style was that he left naked corpses carefully and provocatively posed with the strangulating chords tied in bows around their necks. Some believe that DeSalvo was not responsible for the killings and that in fact George Nassar, his cellmate at Bridgewater, had struck a deal with him so he would take the blame as DeSalvo was already facing a life sentence for his multiple rape convictions.

Joseph Christopher (13) Another racist rampager. Christopher, a mentally disturbed GI started killing black men in upstate New York in September 22, 1980. By the time he left Buffalo the city was about to erupt into an all-out race war with black leaders claiming no police protection and talking about a deadly paramilitary racist force. Christopher went to Manhattan on December 22 and was able bag four victims and maim a fifth in less than thirteen hours. He was arrested in Fort Benning on January 6 after he tried to stab a black GI.

Marie Besnard (13)

Jack Unterweger (12+) Jack, the son of a streetwalker and an American soldier, received his first life sentence at age 25 when he strangled a prostitute with her bra. Subsequently he admitted to the crime explaining "I envisioned my mother in front of me, and I killed her." While in jail Jack wrote a series of short stories, plays and an autobiography that made him the darling of the Viennese intellectuals. Hailed as a model for rehabilitation, Jack was granted parole in 1990.

A free man, Jack became a knight in shining armor to the literary elite. Within months of his release his success as a writer translated into expensive suits, fancy cars and regular appearances in local talk shows. However, not truly reformed, Jack did keep up with his old habit of strangling prostitutes for kicks to the tune of at least six dead. In 1991 he was hired to write an article about prostitution in Los Angeles. While on assignment he got to travel in an LAPD patrol car. He also managed to squeeze in the murder of three prostitutes before returning back to Vienna.

By February, 1992, police in Austria issued a warrant for his arrest linking him to the deaths of eight women. By then Jack escaped with his 18-year-old girlfriend to Switzerland, Paris and New York, pausing along the way to call newspapers and talk shows in Austria to proclaim his innocence. Following a credit card trail left by the fugitive couple, they were arrested by Interpol in Miami, Florida. While in custody his girlfriend explained they sought refuge in Miami because she "liked Don Johnson."

Unterweger was eventually deported back to Austria where he was indicted for the slayings of 11 prostitutes, including three from Los Angeles. On June 28, 1994 a jury in Graz, Austria, found him guilty of nine of the murders and acquitted him of the two others. The next morning prison guards found him dead in his cell hanging from a curtain rod.

Rosemary & Fred West (12+) Rosemary and her husband Fred West, were accused of murdering 10 women and young girls over a 16 year period ending in 1987. They enjoyed luring away vulnerable runaways with offers of rides, lodging or jobs as nannies. Once in their clutches, the young women were stripped, bound with tape, raped, tortured, then killed, dismembered and buried. The killer couple was arrested at their lethal homestead, 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, England in 1994. Police, armed with a search warrant, dug up the remains of their 16 year old daughter, Heather, who vanished in 1987. Further excavations produced eight more female bodies, including her stepdaughter, Charmaine, under the house and in garden.

One more body was found under kitchen of a former home at 25 Midland Road, Gloucester. Fred hanged himself in jail New Years Day, 1995. He also faced two further charges of murdering his ex wife and a baby-sitter and burying them in fields near his former home. Authorities believe that Fred probably killed more women. Rosemary, an admitted prostitute, still maintains her innocence. However, she was convicted of murdering 10 women and girls on November 22, 1995. Authorities are investigating the whereabouts of nine other women who frequented their house.

Southside Slayer (12+) The Southside Slayer has tallied at least twelve black women (crack-addicted prostitutes) in Los Angeles since 1984. In 1993, after denying the existence of a serial killer wiping out "strawberries" in South Central, authorities arrested a black policemen in connection to the killings. The man proved to be innocent. The whole incident ruined his life and his career in the police department. No one would blame him if he started his own killing spree. However, the real killer is still at large and at work in the streets of Los Angeles. Presently he is at twelve confirmed hits and counting.

"The Cleveland Torso Murderer" (12+) Also known as the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run. Another elusive killer that was never caught. His official tally was 12, but some believe that he killed up to 40. His bloody rampage spanned from 1935 to 1938. Some believe he was active from 1923 to 1950. He decapitated most of his victims and cut off their limbs. Unwittingly he caused the downfall of Eliot Ness who failed to capture him. The Mad Butcher apparently was very knowledgeable of anatomy leading many to believe he might have been a surgeon. The Butcher's precise cutting style also linked him to the Black Dahlia murder in Los Angeles.

Ness believed the Butcher was a medical student from a prominent and politically active Cleveland family. The name of the suspect was never released due to the family's powerful connections. Curiously, the murders stopped in August of 1938 when Ness forced the student doctor into a hospital. The killings resumed briefly in 1950 when he was let out and stopped when he was hospitalized once again n.

In 1939 the sheriff's department extracted a confession from a Bohemian immigrant named Frank Dolezal. When the confession was questioned Dolezal recanted and was soon found hanged in his jail cell. It is believed his apparent suicide was in fact a cover-up for the brutal treatment he recieved from the police.

Johann Hoch (12+)

Eugene V. Britt (11+) This Gary, Indiana, convicted rapist charged with the strangling of an 8-year-old girl confessed to killing the youngster and at least 10 other people. During his eight-hour confession on the 7 of November, 1995, he told police where to find three bodies, one of which was discovered immediately. Obviously this will not the last we'll hear from Britt. We will update the Archives as the news reports trickle in.

Jane Toppan (11+)

Joseph Vacher (11+)

Charlie Starkweather & Caril Ann Fugate (11) Standing at five feet two inches, Charles Starkweather hated everyone he saw. Everyone except his fourteen year old girlfriend Caril Ann. On January 21, 1958, Charlie got into an argument with Caril's parents and settled it the only way he knew -- shooting her mother and stepfather. Then he rammed his gun barrel down Caril's two-year-old sister's throat and choked her to death while Caril watched the tube. A few days later, after the local authorities became suspicious, the two went on the run killing with reckless abandon. After eluding a two-hundred member posse chasing them through Nebraska, they were captured in Wyoming where they turned on each other. The movie Badlands with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek was based on their exploits. Charlie was fried in June 1959 and Caril got life. She was paroled in 1976.

Robert Clifford Olson (11) A Vancouver, British Columbia, native, this police informer spent most of his life in trouble with the law. Between 1957 and 1981 he logged ninety-four arrests. His murderous reign of terror around Vancouver started in November of 1980 with the abduction and slaughter of a twelve-year-old girl. His specialty was killing youngsters and enjoyed offing the occasional hitchhiker whenever the chance arose. In August 1981 Olson was arrested when he picked up two female hitchhikers. After striking a deal with the prosecution, Cliffy confessed to a string of killings. Somehow Olson was able to convince authorities to pay his wife and child $10,000 per proven kill. By confessing to eleven kills, Cliff collected for his family a nice chunk of change. On January 11, 1982, Clifford was sentenced to eleven concurrent life terms.

Vaughn Greenwood (11) In 1974-75 the LAPD found six downtown derelicts with their throats slashed and their bodies bearing signs of ritualistic abuse. They had cups of blood next to them, salt sprinkled around the outlines of their heads and cryptic marks scribbled around the slash wounds. When the cops announced that the killer was probably "a blond, sexually impotent and cowardly homosexual," Greenwood, a black man, was obviously not in their suspect list. Eventually he was arrested after he axed someone next to Burt Reynold's house. The police linked him to the skid row murders and four others. Surely he must have been wearing a blond wig or something when he committed his crimes.

Juan Rodriguez Chavez (11) Juan, a Texan murder parolee, confessed to having killed 11 people for money or just the "thrill of killing". He was jailed on October 17, 1995, and charged with six slayings. Prosecutors are now preparing to charge him with the 5 other deaths. All the killings were committed between March and July of 1995. Juan was very busy on July 2 when he killed 5 people. Three of them were shot and ran over by his car, another was shot while talking on a pay phone and the last victim of the day was shot in a robbery. Two days later he shot two men in the parking lot of a tire shop and, moments later, another man was killed outside a nearby apartment building.

Marie Alexandrine Becker (11)

Henry Landru (11) Arrested in 1919 in France for the murder of 10 women. He professed his love for them and promised to marry them. Instead he would kill, dismember and torch his sweethearts. He was guillotined in 1922 without ever admitting his crimes.

Richard Angelo (10+) A former Boy Scout, Rich always wanted to be the hero. That's why this portly nurse pumped muscle paralyzer and other dangerous drugs into the intravenous bottles of his patients in the emergency room of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Long Island, NY. On October 11, 1987 his gig ran afoul when he told a patient, "I'm going to make you feel better," and injected Pavulon in his intravenous tube. Immediately the man felt numbness and had difficulty breathing. However, he was able to buzz another nurse who saved his life. The next day Richard's locker and home were searched and his killing utensils were found. Ever since Angelo started working the graveyard shift in the Good Samaritan there had been thirty-seven "Code Blue" emergencies leaving twenty-five patients dead. Prosecutors have only charged Angelo with ten of the deaths.

Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono (10+) These killer cousins started their reign of terror in LA in 1977 and became known as the "Hillside Strangler." They liked to impersonate cops, pick up hookers, rape and kill them. They enjoyed leaving their corpses in provocative positions in hillsides east of Hollywood. When Kenny moved to Bellingham, Washington, the killings stopped. Bored with the small town life, Ken decided to get back to his old habits. He proceeded to kill two more women before being arrested. Bianchi is also suspected of at least three more killings in Rochester, New York, before his glory days in L.A.

While in custody Ken feigned being possessed by a violent alter ego named "Steve Walker." In prison he was contacted by a strange twenty-three year old woman named Veronica Lynn Comton who was seeking information for a book about a female serial killer. Together they hatched a plan to free him in which Veronica would take a sample of his sperm, kill a woman and deposit the sperm sample in her. Good idea but it never worked. Instead it landed Veronica in jail.

Thomas Quick (10+) Sweden's premiere serial killer. Tommy Boy killed at least 10 people during a two-year rampage He committed his first murder when he was 14. He enjoyed killing young boys and having sex with their corpses. He also killed a Dutch family vacationing in the north of Sweden. His permanent residence is now located in a Hospital for the criminally insane in Dalarna, Sweden. While in custody Thomas confessed to six killings in Norway. Police are now investigating the validity of his claims though no bodies have been discovered. Perhaps we will soon see the mad Swede rise in standing in this Serial Killer Hit List.

Martin Dumollard (10+)

Edmund Kemper III (10) Ed Kemper's mom thought her son was "a real weirdo." He had a near-genius IQ hidden within his lanky body and twisted mind. As a child he liked playing execution and once told his sister that if he were to love someone they would first have to be dead. As a teenager mom forced Ed to live in the basement so he wouldn't scare his sisters. When he was fourteen he killed his grandparents to get back at his mother during her second honeymoon. He said he wanted to see how it felt to kill grandma. Consequently he was sent to Atascadero State Hospital for the criminally insane. There Eddie grew into a strapping six-foot-nine-inch hate machine. Over the ensuing years, with the help to his campus pass obtained through his mother, Ed became known as the "Coed Killer" . He enjoyed decapitating his victims and having sex with their headless corpses. He also buried heads outside his house looking into his mother's bedroom window. He took Polaroid's of his accomplishments and occasionally had one of his girls for dinner. Later he confessed that his acts of cannibalism were because, "I wanted them to be a part of me- and now they are." Once he visited his court-appointed psychiatrist with a head in the trunk of his car. Curiously, the psychiatrist thought he was doing great and he was really well adjusted.

At the time Ed was killing there were two other maniacs, John Lindley Frazier and Herbert Mullin, operating in proximity. Police were baffled by the amount of bodies appearing around their peaceful and bucolic surfer community. Kemper, who always wanted to be a cop, was fascinated with the investigation of his and the other crimes. He became friendly with the investigating officers and frequented their favorite haunts to grill them for grissly details.

Like Ed Gein, Kemper liked killing women who reminded him of his mother. On Easter Sunday 1973 he went after the root of his problem. Ed, the consumate mother's boy, beat her head in, decapitated her and threw her vocal chords down the garbage disposal. He then used the head as a dart board. Not satisfied, he called mom's best friend, invited her over and killed her too. After, he drove to Colorado, called his cop friends and confessed. At first they thought he was kidding. What they found at his mom's house made them change their mind. Ed now resides in the Vacaville Prison where he is their model serial killer prisoner with a heart of gold.

Gerald Gallego (10) In 1955 Gerald's father was executed in Mississippi's gas chamber for killing two cops. As luck would have it, Gerald turned out meaner that his pop. When he was thirteen he was arrested for raping a six-year-old girl. Years later he was arrested for having sex with his teenage daughter. After four or five marriages he settled down with Charlene Williams who he told about his impotence. The only cure for it, he said, was frequent sex with virgins. All in the name of love, Charlene helped him out with his misfortune by rounding up "sex-slaves" who he raped and murdered.

Bobby Joe Long (10) A distant cousin of Henry Lee Lucas, Bobby suffered from a hereditary disorder in which he had an extra "X" chromosome which made his glands produce abnormal amounts of estrogen. In other words, Bobby had tits. To add to his confusion his mother slept with him until he was thirteen. After suffering a head injury from a motorcycle accident, Bobby Joe turned into a lust machine. He masturbated five times a day in addition to the two daily sessions with his wife. Not satisfied he began stalking for new dates. From 1980 to 1983 Bobby was busy raping fifty women in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. In 1984 he graduated to murder. His victims of choice were prostitutes who he considered scum. He also kept a detailed file with all the clippings of his crime spree. In November 17, 1984, he was arrested and in early 1985 he received the death penalty.

David J. Carpenter (10) In 1961, at age thirty-three, David started demonstrating his psychotic tendencies when he attacked a woman with a hammer. After a stint in jail, a prison break, and another stint in jail, he came out a reformed man. In 1978 he relocated to San Francisco to work in a foot-print shop. By August 1979 he was back to his old tricks. He started killing mostly women in hiking trails in Tamalpais State Park in San Francisco. He shot and stabbed his victims usually as they knelt and plead for their lives. By the end of 1980, after six murders by the "Trailside Killer," authorities linked him with the Zodiac Killer. By 1981 he had moved his hunting grounds to trails as far away as Santa Cruz. In May 1, 1981, police went to investigate the whereabouts of Heather Scaggs his ninth victim, a fellow print shop worker who had disappeared after he gave her a ride. Recognized him from the "Trailside Killer"police sketches and arrested him. Evidence linked him to the murder weapons and to the murder of another woman who knew deadly David.

Operation Enigma(9+) A new predator seems to be on the loose in Britain. The similarities are obvious: nine women all strangled or beaten to death, and their bodies dumped half-clothed or naked on open ground. Nearly all victims were prostitutes. They have died over a seven-year period, each in a different police districts. The common features suggest that the various investigating teams could be chasing the same killer.

On May 26. 1996, in order to find out whether or not they are dealing with a serial killer, Brittish authorities have launched Operation Enigma . The files on the unsolved murders of scores of women over the past decade have been reopened and police will be harnessing the skills of criminologists at home and abroad, including the psychological profilers of the FBI.

The killings go back to January 1987, when 27-year-old prostitute and heroin addict Marina Monti's partially clothed body was discovered on waste ground near Wormwood Scrubs prison in west London. She had been strangled and beaten. Next was Janine Downes, 22, also a prostitute. Her half-naked body was found in a hedge near the Wolverhampton to Telford road in February 1991. She, too, had been severely beaten and then strangled. The other seven victims followed a similar pattern.

"From the general information, such an individual is likely to be personable and not stand out. He is able to blend in because he can approach and solicit victims," former FBI profiler, Richard Ault told authorities. According to Ault such a man would be employed and probably falls into what the FBI categorises as the "organised" killer-- someone of above-average intelligence, socially competent, often living with a woman and driving a well-maintained car who kills after some stressful event.

However the Brittish police is skeptical of the FBI's profiling and computer referencing techniques. They rather find their killers the old fashioned way. James Dickinson, an assistant chief constable of Essex police, who is co-ordinating Enigma, acknowledges some common traits in the nine separate murder inquiries but points out that the investigating teams, having considered all the relevant information, "do not feel that there were sufficient grounds to formally link the nine inquiries."

Calvin Jackson (9+) Calvin did not like to stray away from home. That's why he did most of his killings in the Park Plaza Hotel in Manhattan where he lived. He heard voices telling him to kill old people and was happy to comply. He enjoyed raping his victims before and after death. He was arrested while he was carrying a stolen TV down a fire escape. He was also suspected, although never convicted, of five additional killings in Buffalo.

Peter Kurten (9) Pete was born in 1883 in Germany. A product of a brutally unhappy childhood, Peter got his kicks by strangling squirrels and beating off dogs. When he was nine he helped two boys drown in a boating accident. As a teen-ager he graduated to fucking sheep and goats and knifing them to achieve orgasm.

From 1905 to 1921 Pete was constantly in jail. Once he was out he was free to kill with impunity. Pete earned the moniker "The Vampire of Dusseldorf" because he enjoyed drinking the blood of his victims. He also killed animals when he was feeling thirsty. On occasions he delighted in setting fires to abandoned buildings hoping to roast whatever transients might be sleeping inside.

Like most sexual sadist, Peter also lived a seemingly "normal" life. His wife never imagined such a mild mannered man could be responsible for such ruthless killings. When confessed to the police in his living room next to his wife, she fainted. His last wish was "to hear his own blood filling the sack," during his decapitation. His wish came true on July 2, 1931.

Ian Brady & Myra Hindley (9) Ian and Myra met while working for a chemical company in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England. She thought he was quite an intellectual as he sat in the lunch room reading Mein Kampf in German. As their love blossomed they became more obsessed with Nazi paraphernalia, pornography and sadism. At first they enjoyed shooting pictures of themselves in the buff and in S & M drag. Soon they moved into child abduction and murder. Most of their victims were children whom they sexually molested before killing. These sadist lovebirds liked to document their murderous deeds. They kept an extensive collection of photographs of their victims as well as a recording of the screams of one girl's torturous end. They were arrested after Ian bragged about his killings to Myra's brother-in-law. When the brother-in-law doubted his ability to kill, Ian smoked a young man right in front of him. The brother-in-law did not react appropriately. Instead of showing admiration, he went to the cops. Twenty years after their arrest, Ian confessed to four new murders the police had never linked to them.

Melvin David Rees (9) Rees was a Benzedrine-popping, jazz saxophonist with a voracious appetite for sex and death. In the late fifties he terrorized the roads between Maryland and Virginia. A vicious sex-slayer, he also had a taste for necrophilia. He kept several cabins where he collected pornography and autopsy photos. He also wrote journals detailing his acts of murder and other lurid tales of real and imaginary sadism. In 1961 the state of Virginia executed him.

Christopher Wilder (8+) Australian born Chris Wilder was a big-spending, jet-setting, race-car driving, bon vivant who was always searching for beautiful women to rape and kill. Using the old I'm-a-photographer-in-search-of-models trick he bagged at least eight victims in a bi-continental rape and murder spree. He sometimes enjoyed practicing a type of homemade electroshock therapy on his victims. Once he glued one of his victims eyes shut. In the spring of 1984 he kidnapped Tina Marie Risico from a Torrance, California, mall and, after raping her repeatedly, forced her to assist him with his killings. As they drove eastward Wilder enjoyed watching the news reports about his crime spree. When they reached Boston he dropped Tina Marie at the airport and sent her back home to California. On April 13 he was spotted by a passing state trooper and accidentally shot himself dead while struggling for his gun.

Dorothea Puente (8+) Dorothea operated a boarding house in Sacramento, California where she offered quality lodgings for elderly people on fixed incomes. She also offered poison and a bed of flowers to bury their corpses in. As she offed her boarders she kept cashing their social security checks. In 1988, after too many of her boarders disappeared, cops showed up with shovels and unearthed seven corpses from her garden. Another body discovered in the Sacramento River in 1986 was added to her hit list. It's believed that she might have killed up to twenty-five others. She was arrested in Los Angeles on November 17, 1988 after she inquired about an acquaintance's disability check and offered to fix him a nice Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Gary & Thaddeus Lewingdon (8+)

David & Catherine Birnie (8+)

The Bender Family (8+)

Gregory Clepper (8) On May 2, 1996, Clepper was charged with strangling eight women. His last victim was found stuffed in the closet of his bedroom. Police said Gregory was waiting for his mother to help him dispose of the body. Clepper, 28, a resident of Chicago's South Side, preyed on drug-addicted prostitutes who he killed after they objected to his refusal to pay for sex.

Clepper, a classic sexual predator, told detectives when he was arrested at a relative's house, "I knew it was just a matter of time. I'm glad it's over. " An aquaintance turned him in after he had boasted about one of the slayings. The killings began in 1991. Some of the victims were dumped in garbage bins around Chicago's South Side. The most recent corpse, Patricia Scott, 30, was found April 24 in a trash container behind Calumet High School. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Clepper apparently killed Scott a day earlier at the home he shared with his mother, Gladys Clepper, who along with a friend was charged with helping dispose of the body.

Mrs. Clepper, 46, was charged with one count of concealing a homicide. Eric Henderson, 30, was charged with two counts of concealing a homicide. Apparently Eric had witnessed the murder of an earlier victim and helped dispose of her body, too. With his arrest, Clepper is the third serial slayer arrested in Chicago's South Side in less than a year. The other two killers, Hubert Geralds and Ralph Harris were arrested in 1995.

Reginald Christie (8) Reggie's sexual inadequacies made him a very angry man. In the 1940s and 1950s this British maniac killed at least five prostitutes, his wife, another woman and her baby daughter. He kept a collection of clipped pubic hairs, some of which did not match any of his known victims. He liked to render his victims unconscious and then strangle and fuck them simultaneously. He enjoyed "a quiet, peaceful thrill" when he was killing. Strangely the husband of one of the women he killed confessed to the murder but then recanted and accused Christie. Not knowing who to believe, the police hanged the confessor. When Christie moved out of his flat, the new tenant found three corpses hidden in the cupboard, Christie's dead wife under the floorboards and two more bodies buried in the garden. He was hanged in 1953.

Keith Jesperson (8) This 40-year-old trucker is presently in jail in Washington state awaiting sentencing for kidnapping, raping and strangling a woman in March, 1995. Keith, bothered by his guilty conscience, confessed to killing eight women throughout five states. He was dubbed the "Happy Face Killer" by authorities after he started sending neatly printed letters to the media with happy faces drawn atop in which he boasted of his deeds.

After leading police to the purse of one of his presumed victims, authorities realized that they had wrongfully convicted two people for the killing. In 1990, Laverne Pavlinac told police she held a rope around Taunja Bennett's neck while her boyfriend John Sosnovske raped and killed her. She then recanted and said that she invented the story to get out of their abusive 10-year relationship. Nevertheless they were convicted and jailed for more than four years. On November 27, 1995, they were released from prison by an Oregon judge. Jesperson, the real killer, cried out of happiness for their acquittal.

"I-70/I-35 Killer" (8) Police are searching for a man who has killed five women and a man in at least three Midwestern states and three more women in Texas. Their prime suspect is male in his mid-20s to early 30s. He is described as thin, 5-foot-7, with sandy blond hair with a reddish tint and a day-old beard. During a 29-day killing spree in 1992, the killer preyed on female shop clerks within a mile or two of the interstates. His male victim had long hair and a earring, leading authorities to believe the killer thought he was a woman. He robbed most of his victims, but as an afterthought. Clearly, his main intention was murder. After 29 days the killer disappeared from the Midwest. Authorities believed he was in jail or dead until 1993 when he started killing in Texas. There he bagged between two and four more women.

"The I-75 Killers"(8) It seems that two women, pretending to be damsels in distress, have smoked eight men between 1989 and 1991 on I-75 in Florida. All the victims were middle-aged men driving alone. All were shot with a .22-caliber gun and their bodies were dumped in out-of-the-way places. After an accident near the town of Orange Springs involving the car of the last victim, a paramedic and a fireman spoke to two women believed to have been the occupants of the car. The women refused offers of help and promptly disappeared. One of the suspected killers has shoulder-length blond hair and may have a heart-shaped tattoo on her arm. The other was described as stocky and dark-haired.

"Colonial Parkway Killer" (8) There is a serial killer in Virginia that they have yet to catch dubbed the "Colonial Parkway Killer." To date he has killed four couples-- a gay female couple in 1986, followed by a couple in 1987 and two in 1988. One couple is presumed dead and is still missing. The killer likes to abduct the lovers from their vehicles and kill them, leaving them on I-64 near New Kent County behind a rest area, or on the Colonial Parkway (2 sets here) in their vehicle or as the final couple---whereabouts unknown. One couple he left at a remote site at Ragged Island, off the James River near Smithfield. This killer is at large to this date.

Alton Coleman & Debra Brown(8) Alton Coleman, a black man, thought other blacks were forcing him to kill members of his race. He was diagnosed by a prison psychiatrist as having pansexual propensities, that is, willingness "to have intercourse with any object, women, men, children, whatever." In the summer of 1984, he teamed up with twenty-one year old Debra Brown for a brutal rampage across the midwest. They were arrested in Evanston, Illinois, after a crime spree in which they committed a new act of violence each day. Alton was sentenced to death.

Jean-Baptiste Troppmann (8)

"Lisbon Ripper"(7+) A Portuguese serial killer dubbed the "Lisbon Ripper" is being hunted across Europe. He is being sought by police in four countries where he has killed, as well as in Portugal. The "Ripper" is believed to have killed at least seven women since 1992, three in Portugal and one each in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark and The Netherlands. All his victims, the last of whom was murdered late last year, were young, drug-dependant prostitutes. The consistent pattern of the murders has convinced Portuguese police and Interpol that the killings were committed by the same man. Victims have been strangled, then disembowelled with a shard of glass. On no occasion has there been evidence of rape. He is believed to be white, aged between 35 and 40, tall, with a pathological hatred of women, and probably suffering from Aids. Police think that he may be a lorry driver whose work takes him across Europe.

Robert Berdella (7+) Another from the maniac-with-a-heart-of-gold file. Bobby was a strange but harmless fellow, or so his Kansas City neighbors thought. That is, until April 2, 1988, when a man ran out of his house wearing nothing but a dog collar and babbling a frightening tale of sadism and sexual cruelty. It seems that Rob liked to pick up drifters and male prostitutes, take them home and strap them into his custom-made torture bed. There he would experiment with electroshock and injecting all kinds of household cleaners into them. He kept a detailed log of how his victims responded and had a collection of two hundred pictures of naked men in different stages of suffering. Bob liked to extend the life of his victims for a few days before tying a plastic bag over their heads. On December 19, 1988, Berdella pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life. A few years later he died in prison of poisoning or a possible heart attack.

Harrison Graham (7+) This lethal junkie from hell lived in a fetid two-room apartment in North Philadelphia that was covered with trash, dirty syringes and a sea of fleas. In the summer of 1987, after numerous complaints from his neighbors, the police pried his door open and found six female bodies in different states of decomposition. On the roof they found a duffel bag full of legs and a torso in the neighbor's basement. All the dead women were black junkies like himself who he invited over for a fix and a little one-on-one.

Peter Manuel(7+)

Ivan Robert Marko Milat (7) Suspected of being Australia's worst serial killer, Ivan is accused of murdering seven hitch-hikers plucked from the highway stretching from Sydney to Melbourne. Like convicted Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen, Ivan enjoyed hunting down his victims like animals, giving them a head start before stalking them through the New South Wales bush.

Ivan, 51, a road worker, avid hunter and the son of a Croat immigrant, was a non-smoking teetotaler, whose pleasures in life were a four-wheel-drive vehicle, a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a penchant for killing strangers. He was arrested in 1994 in his home in the outskirts of Sydney where police found gun parts, ammunition and knives used in the killings, as well as camping equipment said to have belonged to some of the murdered hitch-hikers.

From 1989 to 1992, Milat was known as "Backpack Murderer" . The brutality of his attacks both captivated and horrified the Australian public. Some of the victims were shot, others stabbed, and one was decapitated with a sword found in Ivan's mother's apartment. He then equiped his rifle with a silencer and used the victim's head for "target practice". Of the seven killed, five were European tourists in their 20s lured to Australia by its reputation as a safe haven for budget travelers. The other two victims were teen-agers from the Australian state of Victoria. Two of the dead were young British women who's disappearance led to the grim discovery of the bodies of all seven hitch-hikers.

Police launched one of the biggest manhunts in Australian history. Their inquiries eventually led to Milat's arrest. The star witness for the prosecution is another British tourist who escaped from the madman's car after he pulled a gun on him avoiding certain death. The kind authorities of New South Wales have offered free accommodations and financial assistance to relations of the victims who wish to attend the trial.

Aileen Wuornos (7) The patron saint of dead prostitutes, Lee Wuornos is the first hooker to turn the tables on the serial killing scene. Finally, a hooker who started offing her johns. The daughter of a child molester who hanged himself in jail, Aileen's hatred for men went beyond the feelings of any penis-loathing lesbian. In 1990 she tallied seven dead clients whom she left naked next to their sperm-filled condoms. The wily prostitute still claims to be innocent. Her killings, she says, were "just self-defense." She was sentenced to the electric chair and now, as she patiently awaits her fate, has conveniently found Christ.

"The Tylenol Killer" (7) In 1982 seven people were killed by cyanide-tainted Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules that were purchased from drug stores and groceries in and around Chicago. Though never formally charged with the deaths, an unemployed accountant, James Lewis, was arrested for a futile attempt at extorting one million dollars from Johnson & Johnson, the makers of Tylenol. In October, 1995, James was freed from a federal penitentiary in Reno after serving a 12-year sentence.

"Ironman" (7) In the 1970s, a South African serial killer known as "Ironman", clubbed seven people to death with an iron bar and robbed them as they walked home late at night. Although the killings have stopped, "Ironman" was never apprehended.

"The Axeman of New Orleans" (7)

Carlton Gary (6+)

Morris Solomon(6+)Another Sacramento celebrity killer. Morris killed mostly prostitutes. Convicted of six killings, he is suspected of at least one more. Ever the good sport, he shook hands with one juror who gave him the death penalty, saying, "At least you made up your mind." His conviction is being appealed.

Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy(6+) Doug considered himself the "king of the one-nights stands." He loved sex with prostitutes, especially real young ones from LA's notorious Sunset Strip. Carol, his girlfriend, was no Mother Teresa. She thought that murder was fun and liked photographing hookers sucking Doug's dick. He enjoyed shooting his victims as he came in their mouths. He also liked chopping their heads off. Once, for kicks, Carol applied make-up to a severed head and Doug took it to the shower for a little necrophilic fellatio. Carol told an old boyfriend about Doug's strange habits. When the old boyfriend threatened to tell police, Carol stabbed him to death and chopped off his head. She then confessed and blamed Doug for everything. Doug denied it and claimed that Carol and her former lover were the killers. Strangely he also begged for the death penalty and taunted the judge whenever he could. He was sentenced to death on February 15, 1983. Carol was convicted of two killings.

"BTK Killer" (6+)Another serial killer that was never caught. From1972 to1978 the "BTK Killer" --Bind Torture Kill --killed six or more people around Wichita, Kansas. He liked to call the police and talk to them about his crimes. Authorities have his voice on tape, yet no suspects have been arrested. One of his victims was a young girl whom he tied to a pipe in her basement and murdered. Then he masturbated over her corpse.

Michael Ross (6+) Michael Ross, a sexual sadist with an IQ of 122 and a degree from Cornell University, stalked, raped and murdered at least 6 girls and young women in Connecticut in the early 80s. In 1987 he received six death sentences and two life sentences. He also admitted to killing two women in New York, and assaulting several women in North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois. Curiously, Mike has been diligently working with his prosecuting attorney trying to obtain a quick death sentence. He wants to be certain that there will be no mitigating circumstances, like mental illness, that might overturn his execution.

Ferdinand Gamper (6) On February, 1996, the sleepy spa town of Merano in northern Italy was dubbed "the city of fear" by the Italian press after four murders in three weeks. "We are all living in fear," said Franz Alber, the Mayor, "we are dealing with a psychopath." All victims were shot in the head with a .22-calibre pistol. The killings began on February 8, when a German Bundesbank official, Hans Otto Detmering, and his companion, a local woman teacher, were shot dead in a central street. There was speculation at the time that the "Bundesbank murder" was connected with an international banking scandal or a tangled love affair. But it was followed a week later by the murder of a 58-year-old farm laborer on the outskirts of town. He was shot in the head at close range.

On March 1, 1996, authorities identified the killer as Ferdinand Gamper, a shepherd. After a fifth body was found in a hut near his house, police stormed his two miles from the town. There Ferdinand held two elderly women hostage whom he freed once the cops tear gassed the farm house. The deadly shepherd scribbled "You were too late" on a piece of paper and shot himself . During the assault one policemen died.

Hubert Geralds Jr. (6) Hubert was arrested in the summer of 1995 and charged with killing six prostitutes and drug addicts in Chicago's South Side.

Rory E. Conde (6) This maniac was known as the Tamiami Strangler until June 26, 1995, when he was caught by Metro-Dade police in the Miami area. Rory Conde, a Colombian native, felt so bad about his nasty habit that he scribbled on the back of his third victim a message asking police to catch him. His victims were five crack-addicted prostitutes and a man. The first victim was killed September 17, 1994 and the last one on January 12, 1995.

Police got its big break in the investigation on June 19, when a prostitute was able to escape from Conde's apartment after he had bound, beaten and sexually assaulted her. DNA evidence was used to match him to five of the killings. After a manhunt costing Dade County more than one million dollars , authorities believe to have finally bagged their suspect.

David Berkowitz (6) The Son of Sam. One of the few Jewish murderers of the Archives. Between 1976 and 1977 he terrified lovers on the streets of New York. This former postal worker killed six and wounded seven after a 6,000-year-old spirit invaded his neighbor's Labrador and commanded him to do the evil deeds. He sent numerous letters to Jimmy Breslin of the New York Daily News and the NYPD exulting his exploits. While in prison Dave was assaulted and had his throat slit. He survived, but now has a fifty-six stitch necklace permanently decorating his throat. Some believe that Dave was actually the fall guy and that his crimes were committed by a Satanic Sect that included his neighbor Sam and his two sons.

Richard Trenton Chase (6) This maniac became known as the "Vampire Killer of Sacramento" after a four day blood binge in January, 1978, in which he claimed six lives. Previously he had tried to inject rabbit's blood into his veins. When he was institutionalized he exhibited such strange behavior that the hospital staff nicknamed him "Dracula". He complained that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery and that his head kept changing shape. By 1977 it seemed that his delirium had been brought to check by his medication and was released from the hospital to make room for more seriously ill patients. Apparently Rich decided to stop taking his medication. He started thinking again that his blood was turning into powder and a Nazi crime syndicate that had been haunting him since high school was paying his mother money to poison him. So he did what any other red-blooded American would do under such duress. He became a vampire.

A typically "disorganized" killer, Chase picked his victims randomly and left as much evidence as he could around his home and the crime scenes. He drained his victim's blood, blended it with body organs and drank it. It was the only way to stop his own blood from turning into powder, or so did the voices in his head said. He also took some body parts home to munch on later.

Chase was arrested a few days after his 4-day bloody swansong through Sacramento. Authorities brought in FBI superstar and acclaimed author Robert Ressler to help find the killer. After his arrest Richie raved about UFO's and other imagined stalkers after him. He died of an overdose of antidepressants in his cell in Vacaville just after Chrismas in 1980.

Cleophus Prince Jr. (6) A former Navy machinist, Cleophus terrorized San Diego, California, stabbing six women to death and provoking the largest police manhunt in the city's history. His crime spree spanned from1990 to his capture in 1991 and included numerous burglaries and a rape as well as the six killings. Unlike most serial killers, Cleophus killed women outside his race. He was linked to several of the deaths by DNA evidence and jewelry in his possession that belonged to his victims. He also gave his girlfriend a rare opal ring from Christmas that belonged to his second victim.

FBI experts were called in by the prosecution to find a common thread in all the killings. The signature that connected all slayings was circles of blood smeared on all the victim's breast. Some of the victims were stabbed up to fifty times. Prince bragged to a friend about "doing a mother and her daughter," his last two victims, and took to wearing the mother's wedding ring on a chain around his neck. Usually Prince stalked and followed the unlucky women to their homes. There he would break in, take a knife from the kitchen and attack the women. In 1993 a jury found Cleophus guilty of six counts of first-degree murder, 20 counts of burglary and one count of rape.

John Haigh (6) Began as a little swindler in England during WW2. He enjoyed inviting his victims to his so-called laboratory where he killed them and drank their blood. Then, he dropped them in a tank full of acid. He often robbed their money and/or values. He was hanged in 1949.

"The Atteridgeville Mutilator" (6) Since 1956 Pretoria's township of Atteridgeville has seen a spate of gruesome serial killers. Experts cannot explain why this particular area has bred so many killers. This original mutilator murdered six boys over five months in 1956. He was never caught or identified.

Ilfreide Blauensteiner (5+) On January 11, 1996, this 64-year-old Austrian widow confessed to killing five people and is believed to be responsible for more deaths in a killing spree spanning over a decade. Dubbed the "Black Widow" by the press, she confessed to murdering her husband, two former lovers and two other men because "They deserved to die." An obsessive gambler, authorities believe she killed to fuel her expensive addiction.

Her first victim was the janitor of her apartment building who, in 1981, she "helped commit suicide" because he was abusing his wife and children. All her victims were poisoned with fatal doses of medication. One octogenarian would-be-victim died of cancer before she could kill him. However, the resourceful criminal, she falsified his will to pocket a $15,000 inheritance.

Glen Rogers (5+) "The Cross-Country Killer." A rapidly rising star in the Serial Killer Hit List. Presently, he is in custody in Kentucky after being turned in by a relative. A charming, handsome and volatile individual, Glen was the focus of a all-points national manhunt due to his cross-country rampage that left at least four women dead in four separate states. The consummate ladies man, Glen liked to pick up blond and redheaded women in bars and ask them for a ride home. Then he would try to spend the night with them. All those charmed by his red-neck good looks are now stretched out in the morgue. The killings came usually as a drunken afterthought. Glen is an example of a spree killer who, unlike serial killers, does not have cooling off periods between kills. His killings were the consequence of impromptu bursts of rage.

His first victim is believed to be a former housemate whose corpse was found in January 1993 under a pile of furniture in an abandoned house owned by the Rogers family. His next known kill was a woman he met at a bar in Van Nuys, California. On September, 1995, she was found raped and strangled inside her burning pickup truck. The third victim, another barfly, was found stabbed to death in her bathtub in Jackson, Mississippi on November 3. Yet another woman's body was found in a bathtub in Tampa, Florida on November 5. His latest victim was found stabbed to death in her bedroom on November 11 in Bossier City, Louisiana.

"He's getting to be like one of your serial killers," said a Hamilton, Ohio, police detective. Rogers, a construction worker, grew up in Hamilton where he had frequent run-ins with the law. Once he poked a lit blowtorch through the peephole of his front door when police came in response to a domestic violence call. Authorities believe that he might be linked to as many as twelve deaths. In California, Rogers is a suspect in four unsolved killings in Ontario and Port Hueneme. Two days before his arrest he told his sister that he was responsible for more than 70 deaths. According to authorities Glen was being cooperative during a six-hour interview after his arrest on November 13. Presently, agents from at least five states have headed to Kentucky to investigate Glen's connection to any unsolved murders they have that fit his deadly traits.

Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris (5+) While in prison Lawrence and Roy decided that when they got out it would be cool to kill a bunch of teen-age girls for kicks and record it on tape and film. By 1978 they started implementing the plan. They lured young girls inside their van dubbed the "Murder Mack" and brutally raped and killed them. On November 20, 1979 they were arrested for an assault in Hermosa Beach. While in custody Norris cracked and started babbling insanely about murder. In the Murder Mack the police found a tape recording of the final moments of one of their victims, Jaqueline Lamp, as well as pictures of five hundred smiling girls. Police identified nineteen missing girls in their stack of photos and believe that the two ex cons could be responsible for the murder of thirty or forty women. However, they were only convicted of five killings.

Lyda Catherine Ambrose (5+)

Abel Latif Sharif(5+) When he was arrested in October, 1995, Abel, a Egyptian national, was suspected of being the dreaded "DepredadorPsicópata" of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. He has been Charged with killing five girls and abandoning their bodies in the desert of Chihuahua. Abel was arrested after authorities established links between him and five dead girls he met at nightclubs. A sexual criminal with an extensive rap sheet spanning from Miami to Texas, Abel said that he is not the dreaded "Depredador" As the body count continues rising at a rapid pace, it's become obvious that Abel was not the only one slaughtering girls in Ciudad Juarez.

Daniel Harold Rolling (5+) Known as the Gainsville Ripper, this monster terrorized the Gainsville, Florida, community for a short period of time in August, 1990, with the mutilation-slayings of four female college students and a male. All victims were brutally dismembered. One was decapitated. Evidence links Danny to a similar triple murder of a family in Shreveport, Louisiana, committed in November, 1989. He now awaits execution in Florida's Death Row and is now engaged to Sondra London, and old girlfriend of convicted serial killer John Schaefer.

George Putt (5+) Physically and emotionally abused as a child, this Memphis, Tennessee, predator was socially and psychologically handicapped from the get go. His father was a drifter and a drunk who enjoyed beating his seven children with regularity. Before he was eighteen George had already been arrested several times for acts of violence against women and other assorted crimes. During a football game in reform school George was kicked on the head and knocked out for several minutes and may have sustained permanent brain damage. After his accident poor, little George started sleepwalking with his eyes open, and having alternately blackouts and violent seizures. He continued demonstrating his "sociopathic personality" throughout the sixties. Psychology test revealed a "morbid preoccupation with blood and gore" as he continued with his career as a violent criminal.

By 1967 he married a Mississippi woman from whom he demanded sexual gratification six to eight time a day. A charming and tactful fellow, in 1969 he tried to rape his mother-in-law in three different occasions. Shortly after the third attempted rape, authorities believed George committed his first killing. By March of 1969 George's deadly habits were in full swing. He first brutally murdered as couple. He tied the woman to the bed, raped her and mutilated her vagina and anus with a pair of surgical scissors. A week and a half later he clobbered to death an 80-year-old widow and mutilated her genitalia with a butcher knife. Four days later third woman was bound and brutally stabbed fourteen times. He attacked his fifth victim in her home on September 11. Neighbors heard her screams and called the police. After a wild chase through the streets of Memphis Georgie-Boy was caught trying to escape all smeared in blood. He was found guilty of all his crimes and given the death penalty. When the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty, George was handed a 497-year sentence. Always the good sport, George chuckled when the judge read him the sentence.

"Juiz de Fora Strangler" (5) Brazilian authorities in the state of Minas Gerais are looking for a serial killer responsible for the death of five elderly women in the town of Juiz de Fora. The murders, committed every two to three months, have the same characteristics. All victims were tortured, strangled with electrical chords and some were raped. All of them lived alone and were between 57 and 77 years old.

The first crime occurred on June 19, 1995. The most recent killing happened on May 13, 1996. According to Chief of Police Jose Carneiro, the dead women were found tied to the beds, half-naked and strangled. He said that a composite picture of the killer was made, "based on an individual who tried to rape women in the streets." The suspected killer is believed to be black, of average height and between 30 to 35 years old.

Jack the Ripper (5) The father of modern serial killing and one who got away with it. Jack terrorized the streets of London in the late nineteeth century and brutally murdered five helpless women. To date no one knows who Jack the Ripper was. Like the minions that followed his example, Jack enjoyed taunting the police and would send letters to the press boasting of his deeds. He practiced cannibalism and tore apart the internal organs of four of his victims. Once he mailed to a newspaper a piece of the kidney from one of the victims when authorities doubted the authenticity of his correspondence.

Ralph Harris (5) In 1995 23-year-old Ralph Harris was charged with killing five men, all believed to be robbery victims, in Chicago's South Side.

Robert Shulman (5) A 42-year-old post office sorter, Robert Shulman confessed to killing five prostitutes between 1991 and 1996 and dumping their dismembered bodies in garbage bins around New York. The sensitive type, Bobby whimpered as he was led to a police car in Patchogue, Long Island. He said he felt "horrible" and apologized to the families of the victims. Shulman's brother is also being questioned by police in connection with the murders. It is unclear how the younger brother is involved in the killings.

Shulman enjoyed picking up prostitutes and taking them back to his apartment for sex and drugs. After satiating his senses he would beat them to death using a hammer, baseball bat or a set of barbells. Bobbie would then chop-off the dead girls' arms so they couldn't be identified and dumped their remains in garbage containers around Long Island. Police tracked down one of the victims from a tattoo on her body. From there the investigators linked Shulman and his blue Cadillac to the dead prostitute.

At first police charged him with killing two women. While in custody he admitted to three other murders. He claimed that he would smoke tons of crack with his prostitute friends, black out and wake up to find them dead.

Thomas L.(5) A 27-year-old neo-Nazi, Thomas L. has confessed to a five-body killing spree. An overzealous skinhead, Thomas stabbed his first victim 91 times for wearing a "Nazis Out" badge and killed a fellow neo-Nazi who defected from the cause. In March, 1996 he was arrested by German authorities. In his flat police found a fully-armed rocket launcher, pistols, ammunition and the automatic rifle used to shoot the defector. While in custody, Thomas conveniently claimed that during his murder spree he was merely carrying out orders transmitted to him by Odin, the Norse god of war.

Colin Ireland(5) Known in London as the "Gay Sayer", Colin strived to be known as a serial killer. For this purpose he strangled five homosexual men. Robert Ressler states in "However Fights Monsters" that one has to commit five murders to become a serial killer. Colin read the book and did exactly that. He meticulously planned each murder as he set out to become a famous serial killer. He chose gay sado-masochistic men because they were willing to get tied up before killing them. Also, he believed that the public would feel less sympathy for them. Before his arrest he taunted the cops with rambling calls claiming responsibility for the murders and threatening to keep striking once a week. He even stated "I have got the book, I know how many you have to do..."

Jerome Brudos (5) Jerome Brudos started his career by preying on women and stealing their shoes. This foot fetishist from hell liked to dress in drag while he stalked his victims. In the late sixties he turned his innocent escapades into murder. He once removed a breast from one of his kills, hardened it with preservatives and kept it as a paper weight. He was also in the habit of removing their shoes, sometimes even with severed feet inside. He enjoyed taking pictures of himself and his dead friends dressed up in frilly underwear. And, of course, he kept a collection of stolen shoes that would have made Imelda Marcos jealous.

Arthur Bishop (5) A devout Mormon, Arthur Bishop liked to spend an unnatural amount of time with children. After being charged for embezzlement in Utah, the former Eagle Scout changed his name and disappeared. As "Roger Downs" he joined the Big Brother program and was fond of going on camping trips with the kids. He was also fond of molesting and sometimes murdering them. When the police took him in for routine questioning, he confessed to his crimes and admitted to molesting scores of children and fondling his victims after death. In true Mormon fashion he stated: "I'm glad you caught me, because I'd do it again." Bishop died by lethal injection on June 9, 1988.

"The Toledo Clubber" (5)

"OKC Serial Killer" (4+) At least four women have been found dismembered in the Stiles Circle-Lincoln Terrace-Medical Center Area of Oklahoma City.. The first body was found in pieces through several blocks near the Capitol in 1976. The last body was found in 1985 during a demolition excavation for the construction of the Centennial Expressway. None of the victims have been identified. In addition, on April 22, 1995, the body of a female Hispanic or Native American minus head, feet and hands was found in a shallow grave on an abandoned stretch of highway 50 miles west of Oklahoma City. Due to similarities in the method of dismemberment, authorities believe that the perpetrator could be the same as the "OKC Serial Killer."

"Pomona Strangler" (4+) Authorities in Pomona, California, are reluctant to confirm the existence of a serial killer offing black prostitutes in their community. The four dead women discovered in 1993 frequented the local hooker strip, Holt Avenue, and were probably picked up there by their killer. Three more dead women have surfaced in 1994 and 1995 that could be linked to this elusive killer. During April of 1994 FBI agents were brought to the area to analyze the crime scenes to find possible links indicating the existence of a serial killer but to no avail. The federal agents never did follow through with the investigation. As for now the four cases sit unsolved, unclosed and inactive. Somewhere a killer seems to have gotten away with murder.

Ricardo Caputo (4+) Known to authorities as "The Lady Killer", this suave Argentinian was arrested on March 9, 1994 after a 20-year murderous rampage. His first victim was a young woman in New York who he strangled and stabbed in the early seventies. Caputo was arrested for the murder and placed in Mental Hospital from where he subsequently escaped. A smooth-talking con artist, Ricardo left a trail of blood spanning from New York to San Francisco and Mexico City. Although he's been only charged with four victims, it is believed that has tally is much higher. One possible victim, Devan Green, a waitress in Los Angeles' Scandia Restaurant, was found dead in 1981. LAPD have linked Caputo to the restaurant where, at the time of the killing, he was working in the kitchen under the alias of Bob Martin.

Francisco del Junco (4) On June 3, 1996, Francisco, a dishwasher in Dan Marino's American Sports Bar and Grill in the tony Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami, confessed to killing and setting on fire four black crack addicts.

Police were lead to Del Junco by a street woman who was beat on the head by him nine months before. The woman flagged down a patrol car when she spotted him again. Once authorities had Del Junco in custody they just talked to him -- about his childhood in Cuba, his likes and dislikes. The conversation spanned over a weekend and took interrogators and the suspected serial killer to picturesque Key Biscayne.There, looking across the aquamarine of Biscayne Bay, the38-year-old Del Junco-- a loner who was well-liked at work but kept his distance from the few family members he had in Miami-- confessed to killing and torching four women. Police then took him to the scene of each murder, where he acted out the details of each killing.

Del Junco was charged with the slayings of Vida Hicks 43, Diane Helms 44, Cheryl Lee Ray, 37, and Janice Cox, 37. The victims were killed between August 1995 and March 1996 and were found beaten, burned and partially clothed in or near Miami's inner city. They were all black, but Del Junco said his killing spree was not racially motivated. More than 500 people were interviewed in the investigation and much time was spent trying to track down a suspect known only as "Dread" before arresting Del Junco, a Cuban refugee who camee to Miami in the 1980 Mariel boat lift. Although they have their man, authorities are still looking for "Dread" thinking that he might have witnessed one of the slayings.

John Martin Scripps (4) After escaping from prison in 1994, Brittish convict John Martin Scripps went on a globe-trotting, three-nation murder rampage. Johnny was arrested in March, 1995, in Singapore for killing and dismembering a South African tourist. He was also charged with the murder of a Canadian mother and son in Thailand.

Trained as a butcher, after killing his victims he would skillfully cut-up their corpses at the joints using a pen knife to dispose of their body parts. Not the typical sexual sadist, John killed merely for money and credit cards.

The first serial killer to ever be arrested in Singapore, Johnny was swiftly convicted and sentenced to death. On April 19, 1996, he was hanged by authorities. His mother and sister attended the execution. Before she left Britain, Mrs Scripps said: "These bastards have no right to take my son's life. I brought him into the world. I am the only person who can take him out of it." In a semi-literate scrawl Scripps wrote that he gave himself to a god who had betrayed him. "You may take my life for what it is worth, but grant thows I love, pease and happiness."

London's Scotland Yard believe that John also murdered a Brittish tourist in Central America who's bank account in London was milked by Scripps after he vanished. In Mexico City, his ex-wife, Maria Arellanos, said: "John disappeared on several trips and went to the United States and South-East Asia. I knew something awful was happening, but I could not believe he had started killing people." While in prison Scripps wrote a story about how he escaped his own hanging to fall into the arms of his mother and sister. Unfortunately for John, that never happened.

Jack Barron (4) In 1995 Jack Barron moved from being a very unfortunate man to become a serial killer. It all started in 1992 when his wife, Irene, died mysteriously leaving Jack grief stricken. Eight months later his four year-old son, Jeremy, stopped breathing in his sleep. Jack claimed it was some genetic link that was killing his family. Next his daughter, also four, died in her sleep. Family and friends could not believe such tragedy could strike again. Jack packed up and moved in with his mother. When the poor lady died in her bed, authorities became a little suspicious. Jack still maintains his innocence and likes to dwell on his suffering. But now that he's been charged with four murders, he might be in for a little more suffering for the next one hundred years.

Michael Lupo (4+) This former choir boy served in an Italian elite army commando unit before dedicating his life to sadomasochism and hairdressing. In 1975 Michael moved to London where he started as a hairdresser and worked his way up to owning a styling boutique. He also racked up about 4,000 gay lovers and developed a taste for the whip and built a modern torture chamber in his house. It all turned ugly in March of 1986 when Lupo was diagnosed with having AIDS. He then started his bloody rampage against the gay night life scene. Over a period of two months he slaughtered four men who he picked up in gay bars and left their bodies slashed and smeared with excrement. After two potential victims escaped, police arrested Mike on May 15. He received four life sentences and presently police in Berlin, Hamburg, Los Angeles and NYC are investigating mutilation deaths that might be linked to Lupo's travels.

Robert Rozier (4+) As a football player, Rozier was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and later did time with the Oakland Raiders. In 1981, he lost his will to play the game, and after drifting around the country, he joined a radical black-supremacist Hebrew Israelite sect called the Temple of Love. The cult, led byYahweh ben Yahweh is believed to be responsible for fourteen deaths and a series of firebombings. Rozier, perhaps due to his football background, was the muscle of the cult. In 1986 he was arrested for the murders of two ex members. Evidence also linked him to at least two other random killings unrelated to the sect.

Donald Miller (4) Donald Miller, a prisoner in the Michigan Prison System, confessed to four rape murders from 1977 to 1978 in and around East Lansing, Michigan,. He was arrested while attempting his 5th rape and murder. He was convicted of the rape and attempted murder. While in Jackson State Prison in Michigan, he confessed to four other murders. In exchange for leading prosecutors to the bodies, he was charged with only four counts of manslaughter. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he will be released on bail in March of 1997 to carry on with his deadly ways.

Georg Karl Grossmann (4+) Another post-WWI-German degenerate that made a living selling human flesh. Georg, a horrifying individual, was acquainted with every kind of perversion, even bestiality. A former butcher, after nights of heavy drinking, he would bring prostitutes home, have sex with them, and chop them into pieces. The next day he would peddle their flesh as beef or pork. He was arrested in August, 1921, when his landlord summoned the police to his door following a loud altercation. Inside his pad they found a freshly butchered lass ready to be chopped up. They also found evidence of at least three other divvied up girls. The mad butcher laughed when he was given the death sentence and proceeded to hang himself in jail. Some believe that one of Georg's victims was Anastasia, the Russian grand duchess who escaped the Bolshevik firing squad and assumed the identity of the Polish peasant girl, Franziska Schamzkovski.

Robert Arguelles (4) While serving a sentence for child molestation, Robert Arguelles, 34, confessed to being a serial killer. On May 2, 1996, four years after the disappearance of three teenage girls from the Salt Lake City area, Robert confessed to their murders after receiving a letter telling him he is a father. The repentant slayer said: "I realised these girls were just little girls like mine.... I started to understand just how much it would hurt to have someone do what he had done". In return for fessing up, Arguelles has asked for a private cell, a color TV and the death penalty.

Originally he had been suspected in the deaths of Malisa Roberts, 15, and Lisa Martinez, 16, after he led police to their bodies in a stagnant pond in July, 1995. He claimed to have merely witnessed the dumping of the bodies, but in a tearful seven-hour session with his lawyer and the investigator he broke down and admitted killing the two teenagers, another girl of 13, and a 42-year-old high school caretaker over two months in 1992. After confessing, he took police to the shallow grave of the third girl, Stephanie Blundell, in the mountains east of Salt Lake City.

Anna Zwanzinger (4)

Thomas Piper (4)

Ramon Jay Rogers (3+) Ramon, an aspiring actor and heavy-metal drummer, was arrested in March of 1996 in San Diego after body parts of his visiting ex-girlfriend were found in the apartment complex he manages. The discovery triggered the reopening of two past cases involving the mutilation murder of another old girlfriend and the disappearance of a friend. Investigators are also looking into two other murders outside San Diego County. The body parts found, reportedly teeth and fingers, were in a plastic bag inside a storage locker near his parking space.

Sean Patrick Goble (3+) Sean, a long-distance trucker from Ashenboro, NC, confessed to the murders of two women in Tennessee and has been charged with a third in North Carolina. He would pick up his victims at gas and service stations along the interstate and dump their bodies further down the road. Authorities in seven other states want to question Sean about dozens of similar death that occurred along his truck routes. Many of the victims were prostitutes who were smothered or strangled. Perhaps we'll see Sean move up the ranks of his peers as he is linked to more killings. On December 15, 1995, the 29-year-old trucker received two consecutive life terms for the killings in Tennessee.

Cecile Bombeek (3 +)

Craig Price (3): The youngest serial killer of the Archives, Craig was known as the "Slasher of Warwick" after a brutal series of killings in Rhode Island in the late 1980s. Craig, a black youth from a lower middle class working family, is believed to have committed his first murder when he was only 14-years-old. The victim was a white female from his neighborhood, whom he "peeped" on dozens of occasions. He stabbed her to death with one of her kitchen knives after breaking in.

The murder went unsolved until a few months after Craig's second killing frenzy which took place almost 2 years later, when he was 16. The victims were two white females in his neighborhood. The slashings were so similar that the FBI was called in to profile a serial killer. They failed to finger a 16 year old black male, and it took an observant detective, who noticed Craig with a big cut on his hand, too crack the case. He admitted to committing the murders without any persuasion, and according to the FBI goes down in history as the youngest serial killer in US history. Craig is scheduled to be released from the ACI in Cranston, Rhode Island, in 1998. At 19, his sentence for murder has been served. Now he is serving 2 additional years for contempt. The FBI profiler and local authorities say it is only a matter of time before he is released and starts killing again.

"The Double-Initial Killer" (3): Also known as "The Alphabet Killer" In the early seventies three girls in and around Rochester, NY, were brutally raped and strangled and their bodies dumped in neighboring villages that bore the same first initial as their names. All three victims' first and last names had matching initial. The three dead girls were Carmen Colon, who was found dead in Churchville, Wanda Walkowicz, who was found in Webster, and Michelle Maenza, who was found in Macedon.

More than 800 suspects were questioned. The three girls came from poor catholic families, were 10 and 11 years old, and all had problems in school. Due to the odd similarities shared by each victim, authorities believe the killer worked in a social service agency, school or other institution that gave him/her access to their family records. On December 8, 1995, a convicted murderer at a maximum-security prison claimed to know the person responsible for the killings.

Joseph & Michael Kallinger (3) Joseph Kallinger, a cobbler by trade, led a life steeped in madness and crime. As an adopted child he grew up under the constant abuse from his parents. It is no surprise that when he became a father he was abusive too. On January 23, 1972 he branded his oldest daughter for running away. He was arrested for child abuse and found incompetent to stand trial. By mid-1974 he was constantly hearing voices from a floating head that followed him around. God also spoke to him and told him to kill young boys and sever their penises. Eager to comply, Joe enlisted his 13-year-old son, Michael, and proceeded to torture and murder a nine-year-old Puerto Rican youth. Their next victim was one of his own children, Joe Jr. who had previously accused him of abuse. He was found drowned in an abandoned building. By the third murder they were caught.

On Jan. 8, 1975, Kallinger and Mike gained entrance to a house in Leonia, N.J., by posing as salesmen. For the next several hours, they beat, robbed and terrorized the eight people inside. One of the eight, a 21-year-old nurse named Maria Fasching, who had stopped at the house to aid an elderly neighbor and friend, was taken to the basement, tied up, sexually assaulted, and killed. A bloodstained shirt left by one of the intruders was traced by a laundry mark to Kallinger, who lived with his family in a cramped apartment above his shoe repair shop in Philadelphia. Michael, a juvenile, was placed on probation until his twenty-fifth birthday. He is now free and is believed to have changed his name. After his capture Joseph was pronounced paranoid and schizophrenic by psychiatrists. During his New Jersey trial, he sometimes moaned and babbled incoherently. Nevertheless, the jury concluded that he had known right from wrong and convicted him of murder. Joe was given 40 years in jail in Pennsylvania for a series of robberies followed by a life sentence in New Jersey for the murder of Maria Fasching. In jail Joe has expressed repeatedly his desire to kill every person on earth. Once he slashed a fellow inmate's throat and poured lighter fluid on himself, torched up, and tried to fry an egg on his head. After that he was moved to the Farview State Hospital for the criminally insane where he would talk to God whom he said he'll become after death. In recent years, Kallinger expressed remorse, refused to eat and attempted suicide. On March 26, 1996 the cobbler-turned-killer who terrorized New Jersey suburbs two decades ago died of a seizure. He was 59 years old. Now we wonder if indeed he has become God.

Unabomber (3) Unabom has been at it since 1978 mailing letter bombs to scientists, computer industry people and politicians. Although Unabom has only killed three, many have been severely injured by his lethal postal work. His last victim was a California Forestry Association executive in 1995, four days after the Oklahoma bombing.

A intellectual psychopath, Unabom likes to plant references to wood and forestry in his bombing text. In 1995, in a desperate cry for attention, the moody bomber threatened to blow up an airliner in Los Angeles International Airport during the fourth of July weekend. Nothing came to pass, except that the Unabomber became the hottest publishing commodity in the nation after he requested that his treatise against technology be published by the media. Finally, on September 1995, the Washington Post and the New York Times published his manifesto. On November 6, 1995, the FBI declared that Unabom no longer was considered a terrorist and that his profile was more like that of a serial killer.

On April 3, 1996, Federal Agents arrested Theodore J. Kaczynski, a Harvard grad and former UC Berkeley mass professor, in a remote cabin in the Montana mountains. Authorities believe Ted is indeed the mysterious Unabomber. After a 18-year search, Kaczynski's brother David broke the case when he uncovered old letters in his mother's attic that sounded like Unabom. Through a lawyer David handed the documents to authorities after negotiating that they would not pursue the death penalty. Subsequently Federal Agents set on a three week stakeout around Kaczynski's remote mountain cabin in the freezing wilderness near the Continental Divide.

The cabin, a Spartan hand-built 10-by-12-foot wood and tar paper structure, had no electricity, phone or running water. The reclusive ex-professor's only means of transportation was a red bike he rode into town to buy supplies when the harsh Montana weather allowed. For more than twenty-five years he led a hermit's life in the mountains that would have made Saint Anthony proud. It is unclear how someone living under such austere isolation could have perpetrated the series of intricate bombings authorities claimed he did.

To prove their case against the reclusive mountain-man/genius the Feds have "leaked" information to the press about two partially assembled bombs discovered in his home. They also stated that one of his three typewriters " might" match the one used to write the serial bomber's 35,000 word rant against industrialization. They also claim to have found the original manuscript. All in all 700 pieces of evidence were carted away from his cabin before the Feds decided to take the cabin itself to a nearby Airforce base for safekeeping.

On the positive side, after years of isolation Teddy does not seem trouble by his new living conditions. Being back in civilization, Ted has been showering on a daily basis and is enjoying the fine prison cuisine. Apart from that his hermit life seems to remain the same. He still reads avidly and his cell is bigger that the cabin in which he lived for more than 25 years. He has been soft spoken and pleasant with everyone he has come in contact with. However he has not said a word regarding the accusations leveled against him. Perhaps he is saving it for the legions of Hollywood agents anxiously awaiting by his cell door with lucrative deals for the exclusive book and film rights to his side of the story.

Theresa Cross (3) Theresa Cross aka Jimmie Knorr. A mother of three sons and two daughters, she wounded one daughter with a gun, and when the daughter wasn't dead after a few weeks, she tried to remove the bullet. The attempted surgery left the daughter near death. So the kind mother put the girl in a closet and told the other children not to feed her. Eventually, the kid died. Another daughter was, I think beaten to death, and the two corpses were taken up to the mountains and, with the help of her teenage sons, burned with a pile of trash. During her trial it came out that she was acquitted in the murder of her former husband years before.

Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka (3) Paul, a serial rapist, was a man in constant need of a fuck. His good wife, Karla, always glad to help her man, actively sought girls for him to rape. The of this gruesome twosome was Karla's teenage sister, Tammy, whom Paul had always turned Paul on. In mid-1990 he started pressuring Karla to help him have sex with Tammy. By December 23, Paul, a sexual psychopath and failed rap star, decided the little vixen's time was up. They drugged Tammy and Karla videotaped as her husband raped her. Later that night Tammy died as she choked on her own vomit. Her death was found accidental and the Homolka's carried on to the tune of two more deaths, 14-year-old Leslie Mahaffy and 15-year-old Kristen French, before their arrest.

In 1993 Karla plead-bargained a guilty charge on two manslaughter deaths in exchange for testifying against her horny ex husband. The ensuing media circus, known as Canada's "Trial of the Century," rivaled the O.J. feeding frenzy that mesmerized the US public. Even the Internet was pulled into the fracas when press reports about the case were banned in Canada and resurfaced in cyberspace. Karla is now serving 12 years for the manslaughter charges and on September 1, 995, Paul was found guilty of all charges and declared a "dangerous offender". He is now serving life with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

Charles Meach (3) On November 11, 1957, the day his parents took him out of reform school, Charlie went out and beat to death a 22-month-old girl. He later told the police he "wanted to know how it would feel." After serving 17 years in prison he got out on parole and, two months later, smoked his parents. Now he is serving a life sentence and hopefully they won't let him out again.

Harvey Murray Glatman (3) As a child, Harvey enjoyed hanging himself while jerking off. The family physician told his parents that he would soon get over it and in the mean time they should "try to keep him busy." As an adult, Harvey never lost his fondness for ropes. Through classifieds adds he started meeting women using the old photographer-looking-for-models-trick. When the hopeful models arrived, he told them that he was shooting an S & M portrait for a pulp magazine. Once tied Harvey raped the "models" and drove them to the desert where he would choke them to death. In 1958 he was arrested when his next would-be victim seized his pistol after he shot her and waited for the police to arrive. In 1959 Glatman was gassed to death in San Quentin.

William Heirens (3) As a child William Heirens thought that all sex was dirty. Later he channeled his sexual desires into dressing up like a woman and masturbating to pictures of high ranking Nazis. Not surprisingly, he later committed numerous fetish burglaries and three murders from which he claimed to have derived immense pleasure. He killed two women who caught him ransacking their homes and dismembered an eleven year old girl. In one of the crime scenes he wrote on the wall with lipstick: "For Heaven's sake catch me before I kill more. I cannot control myself." He was caught on June 26, 1946. In his trial he said the crimes were perpetrated by his alter ego "George Murman." To this day, he thinks Murman still exists and writes notes for him .

Charles Schmid (3) Charles Schmid, the Pied Piper of Phoenix, was a little imp who dyed his hair black and drew a mole in his face to look meaner. This bizarre individual became a cult hero of the disaffected youths of Tucson, Arizona. On March 31, 1964, after a night of drinking, he proclaimed that he was going to kill a girl and get away with it. His victim was a 15-year-old girl who he lured to the desert where he raped and killed her. The next year he killed his girlfriend and younger sister and dumped their bodies in the desert. A boastful man, Charlie took his friend Richard Bruns to see the corpses. The murders became an open secret with a bunch of Tucson teens. No one told authorities until Bruns, fearing that his girlfriend was next on Charlie's hit list, spilled the beans to authorities.

At first Charlie was given the death sentence which later was commuted to life in prison when the US Supreme Court declared capital punishment unconstitutional. In 1972 he escaped with fellow triple-murderer Raymond Hudgens and was recaptured within days. On March 20, 1975 Schmid was stabbed 20 times by fellow inmates and died ten days later.

Victor Gant (2+) A New Orleans police officer, Victor is a suspect in the murders of two out of 24 victims of a serial killer. The dead are mostly prostitutes who were strangled and their stripped bodies dumped in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish and swamps further west of the city. The killings started in 1991. Most of the victims were abducted in Algiers and Treme, two of the poorest neighborhoods of the city. Gant has been linked to two death, one of which was his girlfriend. However, he has not been charged with anything and is still on the force working a desk job as his fellow officers look for evidence linking him to the 22 other deaths.

Ed Gein (2+) Meet America's Psychopath King, Ed Gein. Two movies, precursors to two genres, were made based on his exploits: Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Ed once joked that he had a "collection of shrunken heads" at home but no one thought he was dead serious.

As a child Ed grew up under the watch of his dominating mom. Once she died, he masturbated over her cadaver and got busy working on what would turn him into the Van Gogh of Crime. Ed wasn't too sure about his sexuality. First he considered cutting off his dick, then thought about a sex change operation. Finally he settled on grave robbing and a strange type of transvestite necrophilia. To become a woman he would carve out the genitalia of female cadavers and wear them over his own.

Ed had a knack for fashion and home decorations. In his farm he built The Sistine Chapel from Hell. A devout recycler, he found uses for all parts of the anatomy. He had a belt made out of nipples, a skin vest that he wore on special occasions, mobiles made out of noses, skulls on his bedposts, cranial bowls for soup, drums made out of skin, and the beat goes on. His strangeness was uncovered when police came knocking on his door investigating the disappearance of a store keeper.

Although he was only officially linked to two murders, a couple of "fresh" vaginas were found in his house that could not be matched to his known victims or any cemetery records. He was also suspected of killing his brother and two other men who disappeared near his farm. Many have tallied greater numbers than Ed, but few achieved his degree of weirdness.